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The Quadratures in Medical Astrology

Part V

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The preceding information is just a guideline as once one delves into medical astrology it will be seen that much more information can be gained from the birth chart by studying the signs in relation to the quadratures.

That is because problems or an affliction in one sign of a quadrature can manifest on any of the signs of that particular quadrature.  As was explained in the chapter introducing the quadruplicities,  the signs can be categorized into either cardinal, fixed or mutable.  In medical astrology it is helpful to determine which, if any, quadratures are active in the chart and from that point on determine what types of illnesses one is prone to. The quadratures are also referred to as the crosses so that we have cardinal, fixed and mutable types of illnesses or planets on the cardinal cross, the fixed cross or the mutable cross.

The Cardinal Signs are Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn — which in turn relate to cardinal types of illnesses.  Cardinal types of illness are descriptive of the location and attributes of the cardinal signs. What this means is that they refer to illnesses that affect for example, the head, breasts, stomach, kidneys, skin and bones.  Cardinal types of illnesses can be acute in nature. 

The Fixed Signs are Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius — which in turn relate to fixed types of illnesses.  Fixed sign illnesses are illnesses descriptive of the location and attributes of the fixed signs.  They  refer to illnesses related to the throat, thyroid gland, eliminative and reproductive organs, the heart, lower back, and circulation of the body.  Fixed signs can refer  to chronic illness which can last a long time.

The Mutable Signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces which in turn relate to mutable types of illnesses.  Mutable sign illnesses are descriptive of the location and attributes of the mutable signs. They refer to illnesses related to the arms, shoulders, and lungs, the liver, hips, pancreas, small intestines, immune system and feet.  Mutable types of illnesses can sometimes have a mental origin, and tend to be acute in nature.  Mutable types of illnesses can also refer to recurring illnesses.

It is necessary to determine which cross  is active in the chart to see where the emphasis lies. One can simply determine which quadrature receives the most points or one can examine aspect made to the angles of the chart.  If an angle of a chart receives a hard aspect from either Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto. this is considered to be a disturbance in that quadrature and also a disturbance to the ruler of the sign on the angle.  For example, if one has Taurus on an angle receiving a hard or difficult aspect from Saturn, that would indicate a proneness to a disease in the fixed cross.  That is because Taurus is a member of  the fixed cross.  It would also mean that the ruler of Taurus, Venus, is also disturbed.

One can also learn a great deal about a person’s health by examining the strength or lack of strength of the elements in the chart.  The four elements used in medical astrology are fire, earth air, and water. Each element refers to specific bodily actions or attributes and an emphasis in one element or a deficiency in another element can point to a weakness in the body.

Fire is hot and purifying.  Fire produces fevers in the body which  can help remove or burn off toxins form the body and help destroy viruses and bacteria. It also rules the digestive system. Therefore, a person who is low in the fire element can have problems burning off  toxins or ridding the self of infections or the person can have a weak digestion, thereby not metabolizing properly or adequately vitamins and minerals. Luckily, once a person is made aware of a deficiency or overabundance of a particular  element there are steps the person can take to create more balance in the body.  With a lack of fire, the person can exercise more to help build up body heat. They can take nutrients that stimulate the digestion. If it agrees with the rest of the chart they may be helped by fiery substances like black pepper and ginger.

Needless to say, a person should consult a nutritionist to be sure of eating the proper foods. It also helps to wear fire colors if one is deficient in that element.

A person with too much fire in the chart may have a tendency to burn out and needs to conserve physical energy. by learning how to pace himself/herself and to learn moderation.  A person with an excess of fire can become dehydrated easily and need to increase their fluid intake.

The earth element refers to the systems in the body that provide stability and support.  A person who is weak in the earth element may ignore the needs of the physical body.  They tend to be slightly “spacey” and need grounding.  If it agrees with the rest of the chart, they can be helped by eating more earthy or heavy foods, have a regular schedule of eating and relaxing, and wearing earth colors.  Being more in touch with nature and spending time outdoors also helps.

A person with excess earth can be overly  obsessed with the body or describes a person who needs to learn moderation  There is an obsessive or compulsiveness with the body.  There can be some tendency to body toxicity from  toxic metals in the environment.  They can be helped by eating lighter foods and exercising more.

The air element rules the processes of oxidation in the body and the nervous system.  A person weak in the air element may have a weak nervous system and can be helped by fresh circulating air and breathing exercises.  Wearing air colors such as sky blue and coral can help increase the air element.

Excess air can indicate: gas in intestines, spasms, restlessness,  and nervousness. This type needs restful periods of recuperation or meditation to allow the nervous system to recharge itself and the type also needs changes of scenery

Water  is protective and nurturing.  With a lack of water the body can lack fluids leading to excess toxicity.  There is a need for  periodic cleansing diets or moderate fasts and one should drink a lot of water or liquids.  Living  close to water increases the water element. Eating juicy foods and cutting down on dry foods such as crackers and dry cereals can also help.

Excess water can indicate emotionally-caused conditions or describe a  super-sensitive person who absorbs negative feelings from others. They  need to learn how to channel emotions in a positive way.  Excess water can also indicate too much fluid in the body with the result of mucous formation or a tendency to become water-logged.  It can be balanced by dried foods such as dried fruits, cornmeal products and cereals.

The above is a brief introduction to Medical Astrology.  For more details, including more case studies and a listing of the astrological significators for many disease states, you can purchase her book How to Give an Astrological Health Reading. For more information on Diane Cramer and her Medical Astrology services, you can also e-mail her at

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