Twelfth House

"Serial Killers , Mass Murders..."

Part I - Lesson 6.12

The Twelfth House has a terrible reputation. It is here that astrologers look to find restrictions, hidden enemies (as opposed to open enemies, shown by the seventh house), psychological problems, and of course the killer — self undoing, the tendency to do ourselves in. Any planet in this house represents something we are hiding from the world, and, frequently, from ourselves as well. Of course knowing about a problem is the first step to deal with it. The vast majority of horoscopes that I’ve seen with several planets in the twelfth house belong to sensitive, caring people who put up with a lot garbage from others. The rest are horoscopes of serial killers and mass murderers.

Sun in the Twelfth House: Back in 1978, I spent five days in the hospital. Being a good Capricorn Sun sign, I didn’t want to waste any time, so I did the charts of everyone on the staff.

Without exception, all the people on the “graveyard shift” (11 at night to 7 in the morning) had the Sun in the twelfth house. This placement makes you a night person. Early morning for you is a good time to go to sleep. And, as you can see from the above example, it can incline to work in places of restriction, such as hospitals. There may also be tendencies towards artistic occupations, but the rest of the horoscope, especially the tenth house, has to be examined before firm conclusions are reached.

Moon in the Twelfth House: can make you hide your emotions and mood swings.

Mercury in the Twelfth House: may be someone who hides heir intellect.

Venus in the Twelfth House: is someone who hides their sensitive side. Barbra Streisand has this placement.

Mars in the Twelfth House: hides their anger and aggression. Watch out for this person when their temper finally explodes.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House: can hide their “joviality”, their cheerfulness. However, while it can limit “luck” as far as getting things for you, it can also protect you from physical harm, especially from enemies. One client was a tank commander in an Asian war. His tank received a direct hit from an enemy tank at a range of about 300 yards. He told me that usually when that happens, they have to scrape the remains off of the walls of the tank. He and all his crew got out with only a few scratches. The tank was a total loss. Another client was, as a child, shot accidentally with a 22 rifle. The bullet ricocheted off of her rib and just missed her heart.

Saturn in the Twelfth House: suppresses depression. Of course everyone gets depressed now and then. But when someone with this placement gets depressed, the trap door to the subconscious swings open and all the old depression comes out. This can be temporarily immobilizing, the “I just can’t get out of bed today” syndrome. Folks with Saturn in the twelfth house are usually very reliable. Everybody else depends on them and leans on them as well. They have to find someone to lean on as well.

Uranus in the Twelfth House: hides originality, eccentricity, and genius. These people learned early in life that this was the safe thing to do. Naturally, anything that is suppressed causes “psychological pressure” to build up, and when it blows, watch out.

Neptune in the Twelfth House: hides the dreamy, imaginative, poetic side. This one nay not cause as much trouble as other placements. This one may not cause as much trouble as other placements. Neptune is at home here and it likes hidden reveries just fine.

Pluto in the Twelfth House: While Mars here can suppress anger, Pluto suppresses rage. Don’t mess with this one. On the positive side, there is increased ability in the healing professions (medicine, psychotherapy, etc.).

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