Uranus Aspects


Part I - Lesson 5.3

Uranus can make other planets function crazily. It can make them seem hyper. Whatever Uranus touches will not function in socially acceptable “normal” ways.

Uranus Aspecting the Sun: Gives independence and the desire to do things “differently”. When positive, brilliance to the point of genius. When negative, it can make you an eccentric who delights in shocking people, or just plain crazy.

Uranus Aspecting the Moon: Faith McInnerney, as far as I know, was the first one to notice that people with stressful aspects between the Moon and Uranus have a fear of abandonment and tend to be hysterics. The Moon shows, in any horoscope, relationships with women in general, particularly the mother. The stressful aspects (0, 90, and 180 degrees, the conjunction, square, and opposition) frequently mean that the mother’s schedule was erratic during the first few years of the person’s life, usually because the mother herself was erratic. As a result, the child, to survive, cuts off, says “I don’t need her”. Everything is fine until they grow up and start dating. When they really like someone, up comes the feeling: “I need you”, and that’s when they run.

If they can’t run, they do or say something to make the other person run. There is also a tendency to be attracted to someone who is unavailable (married or out of town). In fact, the more unavailable the love interest, the greater the attraction. These traits are usually more noticeable in a women. A man will simply be a “love them and leave them” type, or attract hysterical women as lovers.

Personally, I have never seen this interpretation miss. The hit rate is 100%. The harmonious aspects simply give an attraction to the new and unusual, although, even here, there may be flashes of the hysterical syndrome.

Uranus Aspecting Mercury: Give a mind that is attracted to the new and unusual. This combination increases brilliance, flashes of genius. According to C.E.O.Carter, the harmonious aspects (60 and 120 degrees, the sextile and the trine) are common in the horoscopes of astrologers. Well, I have a trine, at any rate. The stress aspects increase the stubbornness. These folks have to learn to keep an open mind a little longer than they usually do before making it up because, once their mind is made up, it seldom changes. They can change their own minds several times a day (especially if these planets are in mutable signs) but no one else can change their minds for them even once.

Uranus Aspecting Venus: Will attract strange and bizarre lovers, but the stressful aspects go well beyond that. Uranus wants independence, freedom. If a relationship becomes too “normal”, it breaks. And Uranus doesn’t just leave. It suddenly ejects. Elizabeth Taylor has Venus an Uranus in conjunction in Aries. That sign placement only makes this combination more explosive and unstable. These stressful aspects between Venus and Uranus are one of the combinations that can cause the blood sugar to fluctuate, and tends towards hypoglycemia. The other combinations are Venus/Saturn and Venus/Pluto. The harmonious aspects usually manage to be unusual and avant garde without being so inconstant.

Uranus Aspecting Mars: Tends to be accident prone because it inclines to taking risks. This is especially true of the stressful aspects. Mars is the planet of action and energy. Uranus is the planet of sudden and unexpected change. Unless other factors in the horoscope pull you in the opposite direction, you will be rebellious and defiant of authority. The stressful aspects also shorten the temper. Watch out if you have the conjunction, square, or opposition of these two. The temper can go like a shot. Uranus aspects tend towards nervous tension. In this case, the outlet is direct action. When fighting, you incline to pull unexpected stunts that will either confuse the hell out of your opponent and lead to victory, or totally backfire and lead to quick defeat. The harmonious aspects are a little more moderate, but any aspect between these two planets make a person impatient and give an above average interest in machinery and hi-tech devices.

Uranus Aspecting Jupiter: Jupiter shows our ability to grasp general principles, and so it can affect the philosophy we live by. Uranus is the planet of the unusual and the shocking. People with this placement will be attracted to ideas and systems of thought that are at odds with the prevailing views of their society. The ones with the harmonious aspects (sextile and trine) will tend to get away with it and be regarded as avant garde. Those with the square and opposition won’t. They will be regarded as eccentric, at best, and dangerous cranks at worst.

Uranus Aspecting Saturn: If these two planets were people, they wouldn’t like each other. Saturn rules everything old and conservative, Uranus the new, the shocking, the bizarre. Because they move so slowly, they can keep an aspect for about a year and affect everyone born during that time. With the stressful aspects, they can act like little kids, each screaming for attention at the same time. No matter which one you give attention to, the other will complain. If you try to keep everything in your life normal and well ordered, Uranus will cause you to be nervous, edgy, and bored until eventually, you won’t be able to take it any more and you will simply EJECT from the situation. But if you try to be innovative and original, different in any way, Saturn strikes back with its great weapon, Murphy’s Law, and everything goes wrong. The only solution is to give them both attention at the same time. Do something new, different, and unusual, but do it in a practical and orderly way. Or do something old fashioned and conservative, but always give it a new twist. Then, you will succeed. With the harmonious aspects, you will most likely do this naturally and it won’t be a problem.

Uranus Aspecting the Ascendant: The conjunction will make you act like an Aquarian, independent, original, a bit shocking. The sextile and trine gives these traits in a more acceptable and less shocking way, and also can attract you to original and stimulating partners. The square and opposition tend towards unstable partnerships, or partnerships with unstable persons.

Uranus Aspecting the Mid-Heaven: Is better off being self-employed, or, at least, having a boss who leaves one alone. Uranian careers include anything dealing with electricity or high tech (electrical engineer, workers in TV or radio, computers, programmers, etc.). Actors with this aspect tend to succeed better in TV than the movies. The boss may be a very independent or eccentric type, a crazy genius, or even just plain crazy. At least one parent will also be that way. Independent, eccentric, insane. There will tend to have been a greater than normal number of sudden incidents in the childhood, such as many sudden moves, etc.


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