Venus Aspects

Part I - Lesson 5.7

Venus is the planet of pleasure and makes things easier, or it could make you lazier. It is said; “If your car tire gets a flat while Venus is smiling, it will most likely happen in front of a full service gas station.”

Venus Aspecting the Sun: The only possible major aspect here is the conjunction, as Venus is never more than 48 degrees away from the Sun. Any planet in conjunction with the Sun will give the personality traits of the sign that this planet rules. With Venus, you usually get a mixture of Libra charm and Taurus sensuality.

Venus Aspecting the Moon: Can make you charming (Venus) instinctively (the Moon), at least with the harmonious aspects. All Moon-Venus aspects increase the love of luxury. With the stressful aspects, this is more likely to be done to excess. Since the Moon is feelings and Venus is the expression of feelings, the stressful aspects tend to cause feelings to be expressed erratically or incorrectly. You may feel unpopular, even when you are not. Venus is the natural ruler of money and possessions. Your instincts (the Moon) do not work well her if you have the square or opposition and you can e too much of a spendthrift. You have to force yourself to handle financial matters more effectively.

Venus Aspecting Mercury: Only the conjunction and sextile are possible between these two. The communications ability becomes smoother making the speech more charming. The mind (Mercury) tends to take on an artistic flair.

Venus Aspecting the Ascendant: The conjunction increases good looks. You are most likely one of the better looking members of your family. Venus close to the Ascendant also gives one the traits of the sign of Libra: charming but tending to be a little indecisive. Remember though, to always look at the entire chart before making a final determination. The person may have Mars and Uranus on the Sun!

Venus Aspecting the Mid-Heaven: If Venus is making the closest aspect to the Mid-Heaven, the career will incline to careers in the arts. Painting, music, even art dealer are possibilities. Venus also inclines to careers that require social graces. Public relations and event planning come to mind. Even if Venus does not make the closest aspect, it can influence the career in other ways. No matter what the career, the person with this aspect will tend to be popular in it and “look good”.

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