Walters Barbara

Five planets and her Ascendant in Air signs (communications). That includes her Moon in Gemini (emotional need to communicate). A “double” Libra. Both Sun and Ascendant are there. Venus, the ruler, is in Leo, sign of show business. Air signs communicate. Leo needs attention. In these circumstances, Pluto in the 10th house shows someone who loves to make hidden secrets public. If she couldn’t be a reporter, she would have been the world’s biggest gossip. No planets in Earth signs, but the Earth sign Capricorn is on one of the chart’s angles, the Nadir (bottom). This can make her super practical and ambitious. That effect should increase with time. Mars (energy) sits close to Mercury (communications again) and both are trine (smooth connection) to her Gemini Moon. The Sun (center of attention) Uranus (independence) and Neptune (charisma) all aspect the Mid-Heaven (career). Uranus in particular can incline to work in the electronic media (Uranus rules anything electrical). A great set up for a TV reporter.

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