What it Means if You Have an Empty Quality


Part II

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Are You Missing Planets in One Quality?

It is the same situation with missing qualities as with missing elements. If one quality (a natural way of acting) is missing, there may be a weakness or there may be overcompensation. The person who lacks that particular quality tries to overcome it. In some cases, however, the quality may simply not be considered important by the person who has it missing, giving them the power to use that trait or not, as they see fit. So the three possibilities are weaknessovercompensation, or lack of concern.

Missing Mutable Signs: means lack of compulsion about adaptability. A good example of someone who has no Mutable Signs is Bill Gates. Everything in his horoscope is in Cardinal Signs (action) or Fixed Signs (persistence and stubbornness). There seems to be no adaptability whatsoever. Sure he seems to pull back on occasion. But he really isn’t giving up what he wants. It is only a strategic withdrawal and he attacks again from another direction. True, he doesn’t lack communication ability or human relation skills. He simply isn’t compulsive about them the way someone with a majority of Mutable planets would be.

Missing Cardinal Signs: means lack of compulsion about taking action. If you have this one, then you are not driven to solve one crisis after another the way that someone with a majority of Cardinal Signs will do. While there can  be difficulty in taking action for some people who have this, and overcompensation in other cases, usually it just means that the person doesn’t care. A good example would be Mick Jagger who has six planets in Fixed Signs and four in Mutable Signs. For him, communications and staying the center of attention are the main motivators.

Missing Fixed Signs: means lack of compulsion about standing fast and not yielding. The main concerns will be communication (mutable) and action (cardinal) as these people flit from thing to thing. It’s not that they never stand fast or stick to principles. They are just unconcerned about it.   Chick Young, the cartoonist who did the “Blondie” comic strip, had no fixed planets. The time of his birth is not known, but the sign positions of the planets are unaffected. The only possible planetary change would be the Moon, but it was in the sign of Virgo for the entire day. Some cartoonists inject some wisdom or philosophy into their work. There was nothing like that in “Blondie.” Young had eight planets in mutable signs and his work dealt with the mundane and day-to-day. Dagwood Bumstead never asked “Why?”.

Nelson Eddy also had no fixed planets. Five planets are placed in mutable signs. Light hearted communications are emphasized here, so we can stop looking for the deeper meaning in those films he did with Janette Mc Donald.


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