Duplicated Signs


Part VII

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There are twelve signs and twelve houses. If a horoscope has two “intercepted” signs (signs that do not appear at the beginning of any house) then two other signs will have to do double duty and be on the cusp (beginning) of two houses.

These signs take on increased importance because they cover extra territory, and affect more areas of your life. intercepted signs show places where we have difficulties.

Duplicated signs show the departments where we are stronger and things come more easily. In fact, duplicated signs show us some of the ways we can get around the difficulties caused by our intercepted signs.

There is more information in the chapter on intercepted signs .

Aries and Libra Duplicated: Taking direct action will tend to come more naturally, especially in the life areas governed by the houses with Aries on the cusp. Of course, you have to check the location and condition of Mars in the horoscope for contrary indicators. On the opposite side of the chart, Libra will be on two houses. In those departments, the ability to socialize and cooperate will be prominent.

Taurus and Scorpio Duplicated: Stability, persistence, practicality, and accumulation of resources and values are the way out of the problems indicated by your intercepted signs . This is especially true in the things governed by the houses with Taurus on the cusp. The opposite houses will have Scorpio on the cusp, and that is where you can have power, where you can influence the values of the people around you. The houses with Scorpio on the cusp also show where and how you can regenerate yourself whenever you feel drained. Be sure to check the location of Venus and Pluto (Mars as well; it’s the secondary ruler of Scorpio) to get further information (and to see if there are contrary indicators).

Gemini and Sagittarius Duplicated: Communications and travel are your way out of the problems caused by your intercepted signs . My own chart is a good example. I have Aries intercepted, which means I tend to daydream for a long time before taking action, and then dive in like I never thought about it before. With duplicated Gemini and Sagittarius, the way out is to read, study, and discuss proposed courses of action first (and then try to talk someone else into taking the action for you!). Don’t forget to check the aspects and the house and sign positions of Mercury and Jupiter for further information on these matters, and to see if there are contrary indicators.

Cancer and Capricorn Duplicated: Cancer shows where we need a sense of security; need to “feel at home.” Capricorn, by contrast, shows the life areas where we have to organize and build, where we can be efficient.

Leo and Aquarius Duplicated: The houses with Leo on the cusp are where we can be “on stage.” The houses with Aquarius on the cusp show where we can destroy the stage and replace it with a bizarre new model.

Virgo and Pisces Duplicated: The houses with Virgo on the cusp are areas where we tend to either keep busy or be extra critical. The houses with Pisces on the cusp show where can use our imagination, instincts, and sympathy.

First and Second Houses, Seventh and Eighth Houses: Your possessions and sense of self-worth are dependant on who you are. A perfect example is Prince Charles, heir to the British throne. Another would be George W. Bush. On the opposite side of the horoscope, the partner (7th house) would tend to be looked upon as an asset (8th house). 

Second and Third Houses, Eighth and Ninth Houses: You can’t just sit on your values (2nd house). They have to be communicated (3rd house). On the other side, values of the groups you belong to also have to be taught (9th house). Ross Perot shows this clearly. During the 1992 presidential campaign, he booked half hour segments on TV and used it to try to teach economics to the voters. 

Third and Fourth Houses, Ninth and Tenth Houses: This is a perfect combination for a teacher, writer, or advisor. The famous and amazing astrologer Bob Marks (Hey! That’s me!);-) has this in his horoscope.

Fourth and Fifth Houses, Tenth and Eleventh Houses: Career (10th house) is connected with dealing with groups of people. The people are the important thing here. Career is secondary. Clara Barton, founder of the Red Cross, had this combination. 

Fifth and Sixth Houses, Eleventh and Twelfth Houses: With the house of love and creativity (5th) joined with your house of work (6th), you need work that you can love or through which you can express your creativity.  

Sixth and Seventh Houses, Twelfth and First Houses: With the houses of work and marriage linked, you could be married to your work, or you could work with your marriage partner. The 12th house deals with everything hidden and mysterious, so it’s no surprise to find that illusionist David Copperfield has the same sign on both his 12th and 1st houses.


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