The Earth Signs

Part I - Lesson 4.5

Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Taurus: is Fixed Earth. Really fixed. This is the sign of Inertia. Slow to get moving, but impossible to stop. It is also the most Sensual sign in the zodiac.

Taurus likes its physical pleasures, especially eating. People with a strong Taurus emphasis in their horoscopes don�t really eat. They graze. Put a plate of little snacks near them at a party and, well, you had better get another plate for everyone else. When it comes to sex, unless something else in their horoscope interferes, Taurus Sun-Sign people can go all night. Better be in good shape if you�re having a fling with one of them. And, oh yes. They like to wrestle and tickle. If you�re ticklish, better stay away. They will drive you crazy.

Getting someone with strong Taurus placements to make a fast decision is very difficult. They like to �chew things over� for a long time before deciding. You can speed up the process by discussing the matter over a meal. Hit them with the punch line when you get to desert. If they have a full stomach and something sweet in their mouths, they are more likely to say yes. Oh yes. If you can touch them (not always easy in a business setting) massage their shoulders as hard and long as you can. They are generally tight there and most of them love the tension release. Careful though. For them, the shoulders and back of the neck are an erogenous zone. You might wind up with more business than you can handle.

The house with Taurus on the cusp (beginning) shows the place in your life where you are most attached to physical things and pleasures, as well as where you tend to never give in. It can also show where you can be rigid and blocked.

Virgo: is Mutuable Earth . This is the sign of Work. People with strong Virgo placements in their horoscope always have to keep busy, usually in the area of life indicated by the section of the chart where Virgo is placed.

Virgo is also the sign of Details, the smaller the better. And let�s not forget Criticism and Self-Criticism. This is the only sign in the zodiac that can complain about a error of an eighth of an inch when they are talking about a highway from the Earth to the Moon. They really need to Give It A Rest, at least sometimes.

If Taurus is raw, unused earth, Virgo is the garden. Earth that has been Worked On and can now be fruitful. Virgo is called the sign of the Virgin, but this is used in referring to its standard approach to things. Virgo tends to act as if it�s always the first time.

The house with Virgo on the cusp (beginning) shows the place in your life where you tend to be most attentive to details and are likely to put things in a logical, orderly manner. It also can indicate an area where you can provide services to others.  For now, I will leave it to your imagination what Virgo means when it�s on the house of sex.

Capricorn: is Cardinal Earth. Taurus is raw, basic resources. Virgo is the garden where they are worked on.

Capricorn is the Harvest Time where you reap what you have sown. Virgo is the best sign for details. Capricorn is the second best. But Capricorn does something Virgo usually finds difficult. It organizes all those little details into a whole structure. And being Cardinal instead of Mutable, Capricorn can lead.

Please remember once again (this cannot be emphasized enough) that this refers only to the nature of the individual signs. Everyone has every sign somewhere in their horoscope, and everything in the chart has to be taken into consideration. That�s why we can get some Virgos who can lead, and some Capricorns who are totally disorganized. However, that is not the trend. As Damon Runyon wrote, �The battle does not always go to the strong, nor the race to the swift. But that is the way to bet.�

The house with Capricorn on the cusp (beginning) shows one of the areas of your life where your defenses tend to be up and you want to be in control. If this happens to be the 8th House, the house of Sex, then you have to be in total control or be totally out of control to get turned on. I call this the �I tie you up, you tie me up� position. The other place in your horoscope where your defenses are up is the house where the planet Saturn is located.

Since we tend to be fearful in area of our lives where Capricorn or Saturn is active, this is where we usually try to shore up our defenses and constantly improve things. Consequently, these are the places where we can be the most serious and ambitious.

The next lesson 4.6 discusses the Air Signs.

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