Alan Turing

Funnel Chart with Uranus (genius, eccentricity, madness) acting as the spout and sending the chart’s “energy” straight to the Mid-Heaven (career) at the top. Turing helped to shorten World War II by cracking the “unbreakable” German Enigma Code. After the war, he was arrested for homosexual activities. He committed suicide. Uranus can indicate sudden falls as well as a quick rise. Saturn is Singleton. It is the only planet in an Earth Sign and it draws “energy” to the 12th House (self-undoing, psychological problems). Saturn in the 12th House can tend to depression, especially in the last 2 degrees of Taurus. The Pleiades are here, the “Weeping Sisters”. These degrees tend to sadness to begin with. Since Jupiter (luck, optimism) makes a Sextile Aspect with the Mid-Heaven (public image) no one would know when he was feeling depressed.

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