What Are Aspects.?


Part I - Lesson 5.0

Aspects are angles between two planets or between a planet and any points on your horoscope wheel. When planets form certain angles with each other, they interact, they work together.

The Aspects
  1.  Conjunction
  2.  Trine
  3.  Opposition
  4. Square
  5. Sextile

The 120 degree aspect, called a Trine, and the 60 degree aspect, called the Sextile, are said to be harmonious, smooth, bringers of benefits, to be benefic.

The 90 degree aspect, called the Square, and the 180 degree aspect, called the Opposition, are claimed to have stressful effects and be malefic.

The zero degree aspect, called the Conjunction, varies in its effect with the nature of the planets involved.

Toscanini had six square aspects in his horoscope. It didn’t seem to hurt him, did it? Those stressful aspects, especially the square, can generate power, and the frustration that they can cause also brings a desire to change things.

The “good” aspects can make things easier, but they also bring the desire to take the easy way out. I read an article once written by an astrologer who claimed that she found two horoscopes that had mostly trines and no squares. They were the charts of convicts. In school, they found it easier to cheat than to study. Afterwards, they found it easier to steal than to work. Once again, it’s what you do with what you’ve got. The problem with the stressful aspects is that we tend to accept one of the planets and reject the other.  That never works out, as we shall see in the lists below.

In addition to the 5 major aspects, there are 10 Planetary Aspects. To learn about each Planet and see it’s aspects click on each of the underlined planets or the associated glyph. This is a complete list of every possible aspect in your horoscope. If it isn’t listed here, it doesn’t exist.

There are 10 planetary aspects that must be considered for your studies or reviews, each planetary aspect (as numbered below) has it’s own symbol (glyph) and you can click on the Planet’s name for a more in-depth study.

A Complete List of All Planetary Aspects

( Click on planet for linked information)

  1. Pluto – Planet of extremes, the all or nothing at all.
  2. Neptune  – Planet of dreams, imagination, illusion and delusion.
  3. Uranus – Makes other planets function crazily.
  4. Saturn – Order, organization, ambition, caution, discipline & hard work.
  5. Jupiter – The planet of luck and expansion.
  6. Mars – The planet of action, energy & aggression.
  7. Venus – The planet of pleasure, it makes things easier or lazier.
  8. Mercury – The planet of communication, writing or speaking.
  9. The Moon – This planet rules your emotions, desires and intuitions.
  10. The Sun – The sun has to shine. Attention, creative, but not routine.


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