The Funnel Horoscope

Part II

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Beginners can go crazy trying to put all those little bits and pieces of a horoscope together. What happens when they contradict each other? There ARE ways to make sense of a chart, but most astrology books never seem to mention them.

Find a planet that has the strongest influence and look up the interpretation for its placement. That will tell you the central theme of the horoscope and of the person.

The simplest case is when one planet is isolated from the others, when it is on one side of the horoscope wheel all by itself. The late Marc Edmund Jones was the first to identify this. He called it a “bucket” chart because that’s what it looked like to him. The one isolated planet looked like the handle on a pail. Unfortunately, this tells us nothing about how the horoscope works. I prefer the name “FUNNEL CHART” since that one planet on one side of the chart ACTS like the spout on a funnel, channeling most of the “energy” of the horoscope.

It’s too bad that there are so few horoscopes like this because this type of chart is easy to interpret. The one planet (Jones called it a “singleton”) is usually the most important planet and the key to the interpretation.

Let’s take a look at some actual examples.

One planet stands out. It’s the planet Uranus in the sixth house.

The interpretation of Uranus in the sixth house is “You may be a genius at work or just plain crazy. Either way, you can shock those around you…Naturally, unusual jobs are best for you, or something dealing with electricity or hi-tech. Anything where you can innovate and shock to your heart’s content”.

Mars in the twelfth house “…hides their anger and aggression. Watch out for this person when their temper finally explodes”. This man’s temper finally exploded in the summer of 1966 when he went to the top of the tower at the University of Texas and started shooting everyone in sight. This is the horoscope of Charles Whitman Jr.

Now for the next step. It is not necessary that the planet that forms the “spout” on the funnel be the only planet in that half of the horoscope wheel. The effect also works if that “singleton” is at least sixty degrees away from the other planets. Here is an example.

The planet standing by itself is Uranus and it is in the third house.

Uranus in the third house means that “People with this tend to say and write shocking, socially unacceptable things. They may be insightful and brilliant, but others will feel as if they had just gotten an electric shock.”

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