Tenth House

"Determining the best career"

Part I - Lesson 6.10

This house indicates one’s career tendencies, public image (as opposed to private image), the parent of greater influence (usually the mother), and people who may have power or authority over you (bosses, judges, etc.). Yes, planets IN this house affect the career. So does the SIGN at the beginning (the cusp) of the house, as well as the RULING PLANET of that sign.

But what most books ( and all too many astrologers!) don’t tell you is that the aspects (angles) that the Mid-Heaven (which begins the tenth house) forms are absolutely critical in determining the best career areas. We will get to that later in the lesson on ASPECTS. For now, here are the influences of the planets in the tenth house.

Sun in the Tenth House: Wherever the Sun is we crave attention.

When it is in the tenth house, we need to “shine” in public. Whatever the career, people have to be looking at us.

Of course, the Sun would prefer to be the boss, no matter what the job is, which is why the Sun doesn’t point in any one career direction.  As long as those with this placement get favorable attention and some authority, they will be happy.

Moon in the Tenth House: The career, and our attitude towards it, go through “phases”. After all, the Moon does show where we are moody. This influence can bring either us or what we do before the public, no matter what the career. Some specific occupations it inclines to include anything to do with the home and food. This takes in work in hotels and restaurants, as well as the dairy industry.

Mercury in the Tenth House: means that communications or transportation will be a central part of the career. This would be a good placement for a writer, a public speaker, a salesperson, a TV or radio newscaster, or even cabdrivers and truck drivers, this means that communications or transportation will be a central part of the career.

Venus in the Tenth House: simply makes you look good, whatever you do. The danger is that you will look like you can deliver a better performance than you are able to. Traditional Venus occupations come under the headings of beauty, art, charm, and the social graces. The profession of artist is included, but so is art dealer and art museum worker. Beauty takes in beautician as well as those who work in factories producing beauty products. This includes all finery, jewelry, fancy clothing, etc. The social graces covers anything doing with public relations as well as people who plan social events for a living.

Mars in the Tenth House: Besides the obvious Mars occupations of professional athlete and military and police officers, Mars governs anything requiring energy, initiative, action. You could be in any profession with this one as long as you are able to have non-stop activity. Any supervisor you have will tend to be on the aggressive side, and even if they are not, this placement increases the chances of arguments with the boss. Mars here is one of those placements that would rather be the boss, not passively, like the Sun (which just wants to get attention) but to get things done.

Jupiter in the Tenth House: can give you luck here whether you want it or not. Years ago, I read an article by Robert Raymond Shanks in American Astrology magazine where he told about a professional football player whose mother left him a chain of beauty parlors. He couldn’t sell them because they were making too much money, but they totally ruined his macho image. Shanks used this as an example of how Jupiter in the tenth house can get you into a career that you may not like but you can’t get out of because it is too lucrative. My own experience with observing this placement is that it can make the boss and powerful people in general, like you a lot. They will do things for you that they wouldn’t do for others and there is no apparent reason for this other than that Jupiter is the traditional planet of “good luck”. Specific Jupiter occupations run the gamut from professor, preacher, and philosopher (Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius, sign of religion, philosophy, and higher education) to high finance (Jupiter rules anything large and expansive), to any occupation involving world travel.

Saturn in the Tenth House: This placement is great for business. It is also good for the careers of medicine and research scientist, or of research in general. Hey, isn’t Saturn supposed to be the planet of “bad luck”? Well, it is also the planet of hard work, discipline, and organizational ability, all of which are required by the above professional. Just remember that when you get to the top to keep working. Saturn also rules falls.

Uranus in the Tenth House: Forget working you way up the corporate ladder. Organizations don’t suit you, unless, of course, it’s your own organization, one you founded. There is getting to be less and less of large organizations lately due to the internet, which, by the way, is a very Uranian thing. If it’s new, unusual, on the cutting edge, and even shocking, well, that’s the profession for you. And oh yes, they have to leave you alone. This is another placement of Uranus that can’t stand anyone looking over its shoulder. If you do have a boss, they are probably a genius, eccentric, or crazy. Alan Turing, an early computer pioneer and the man who cracked the “uncrackable” German Enigma code during World War II had Uranus right at the top of his horoscope.

Neptune in the Tenth House: Yes, this one may indicate confusion in career choice. Yes, you may do a stint as a bartender after getting that fine arts degree. Neptune in the tenth house can also make you a star. Neptune, after all, rules anything to do with ILLUSIONS and that includes the film industry. Clint Eastwood, for instance, has Neptune in his tenth house. Other occupations (depending on other factors in the horoscope; we will cover those in later lessons) involve anything to do with taking care of the poor, the sick, and the unfortunate. This includes the medical and social work fields as well as those who work in prisons, orphanages, and nursing homes. On the negative side, many of those who ARE poor, sick, in prison, or substance abusers also have Neptune here. Oceanography, marine biology, and anything to do with the sea (including commercial fishing) are also possibilities. Yes, this one may indicate confusion in career choice. Yes, you may do a stint as a bartender after getting that fine arts degree. Neptune in the tenth house can also make you a star. Neptune, after all, rules anything to do with ILLUSIONS and that includes the film industry.

Pluto in the Tenth House: has to do with death and rebirth so it’s a natural for medicine and psychotherapy. Neptune in the tenth house gives sympathy. Pluto does the actual healing. You also get venture capitalists here. Pluto rules the sign of Scorpio, sign of other people’s money. Other possible occupations (remember, the actual choice also depends on other chart factors; the planet just indicates a range) are anything at all dealing with death (funeral worker, demolition expert) and rebirth (salvage worker), as well as anything dealing the “underworld”. Both police undercover agents and the criminals they hunt can have this placement.


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