What it Means if You Have an Empty Element


Part II

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Are You Missing Planets in One Element?

What happens when you count all the planets in each element and one type is missing? Some astrologers claim that you are missing whatever it is that the particular element rules.

For instance, if you have no planets in water signs in your horoscope, they would say that you can’t express emotions (some even say that you have no emotions!). If you have no planets in earth signs, they would tell you that you are impractical. And if you have no planets in Air Signs, you are not supposed to communicate too well or do much writing.

Well Bill Gates, world’s richest man and the founder of Microsoft, has no planets in Earth Signs. Impractical?  Not worldly? What are those superficial interpretations missing? If a sign that belongs to that missing element happens to sit on one of the Angles of your horoscope (the Ascendant, Mid-Heaven, Descendant, or Nadir) you can make up for that deficit big time.

Gates’ horoscope, the Earth Sign Capricorn, appears on the Descendant. Capricorn specifically rules organizational ability, efficiency, and persistence. It is said that Gates thinks that taking a vacation is a sign of weakness and that time off for him means time to catch up on his reading.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has no planets in Earth signs either, and no Earth signs on any of the angles. Well, the national health plan she came up with was a little impractical.

When an element is missing in a horoscope, it may mean that certain traits are weak. But it may also mean that the person just doesn’t consider them important. Sometimes this could lead to overcompensation.

The person knows that there is a weakness and tries to overcome it. For instance, lack of planets in Earth Signs could just mean the ideals are so high that they may never be capable of being realized on Earth. Or that there is a lack of concern with practical, day-to-day matters.

As for the other missing elements and qualities:

Lack of Fire Signs can mean lack of assertiveness or the person may overcompensate by trying to appear super macho. J. Edgar Hoover had no planets in fire signs and he seemed aggressive enough, at least when he wasn’t wearing a dress. He had Aries on his Nadir to increase activity.

Lack of Air Signs occurs in the horoscope of the Rev. Jim Jones. He had the Air sign Libra on his Mid-Heaven which increased his “charm”. His led his followers into mass suicide in Guyana. Actor Sal Mineo had no air whatsoever and he made his living communicating. What lack of air really means is a dislike of “small talk”. Every word has to be significant.

Lack of Water Signs is not necessarily lack of emotion. Muhammed Ali has no water planets but the Water sign Scorpio is on his Nadir giving intense emotions. Mick Jagger, on the other hand, has no water whatsoever. He has been accused of being indifferenhttps://bobmarksastrologer.com/bruce-willis/


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