Astrology by Counting

If You Can Count , You Can Do Astrology

Part II

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If you can count, you can interpret a horoscope.

It makes a big difference when you have a lot of planets in one section of the chart and just a few (or none) in another. What we are going to look at is the meaning of having

1) A majority of planets on the Left side or the Right side of the horoscope.

2) A majority of planets on the Top or the Bottom of the chart

3) A majority of planets in One Element, fire, earth, air, or water signs.

4) A majority of planets in One Particular Quality, cardinal, fixed, or mutable signs.

5) No planets in any particular element or quality.

6) And very important, Only One Planet in any particular type of sign, by element or quality. I call these planets “Singletons“, a term coined by the late Marc Edmund Jones to indicate a planet that can “funnel” and focus all of the “energy” of the horoscope.

All you have to be able to do is find out how many planets are in each element, quality, and house type. These are explained in the first four chapters of this site. When you have identified what the horoscope has a lot of, what it is lacking, and where the strong points are, you will be able to tell what that person is all about.

Chapters 11, 12, and 13 explain how to interpret these for any chart. This is the backbone of doing a personality reading. The rest is just filling in the details. And I’ll tell you how to do that too.

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