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If you can count, you can interpret a horoscope. All you have to do is find one planet that stands out by being the only one in a particular type of elementquality, or house type.

The late Marc Edmund Jones was the first to discover that a majority of planets on one half of a horoscope or one type of sign could tell you a lot about the person. He also noticed that a total lack of planets in any one area could mean something, and that having one planet on one side of the horoscope all by itself could channel all of the energy of the chart. I noticed, however, that he did not mention what effect, if any, a planet would have if it were the only planet in one type of sign or house. I looked at a couple of horoscopes, did some counting, and it worked.

If a planet happens to be the only one in an element, quality, or house type, that planet is a Singleton and it can funnel all of the “energy” of the horoscope. This planet is often the most important one in the horoscope. In other words, if you just interpret the position of this one planet by sign, house, and aspect, you will get to the “heart of the horoscope”. The effect is the same as if that planet were the only one on one side of the chart.

Let’s take a look at some examples. 

Rev. Jim Jones had only one Mutable planet. It is Neptune, planet of dreams and delusions in the sign of Virgo. It is located in the Eighth House, which rules, among other things,  group resources, sex, and death. He founded a religious cult, totally controlled the resources of the group, and had sex with most of the women. All this before getting them all to commit mass suicide by drinking poisoned Kool Aid.

Mel Gibson has only one Mutable planet as well. In his case, it is Jupiter, the planet that shows how we can think big, in the sign of Virgo (details) in his Third House. For Mel, the energy is channeled into the communications area in a more constructive way. The attention to detail came in handy for accurately depicting the world of the Middle Ages in his film “Braveheart”.

Bill Kunstler, an attorney who championed unpopular causes, has only one planet in an Air Sign. It was Mars, planet of action and aggression, in the sign of Gemini (communications) in the Seventh House (open enemies). Anyone who knows about his career would say: “That’s him”. Kunstler was the lawyer who defended the “Chicago Eight”, a group that included Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin. The trial was tumultuous, to say the least.

Tennessee Williams, the playwright, had Pluto, the planet that rules everything deep, hidden, the planet of death and rebirth, as his only planet in a Mutable Sign. In fact, Pluto is placed in Gemini, the communications sign, in the Fifth House, the house of creativity. Could this mean that a large portion of his energy went into creative writing about the psychological problems of troubled characters?

Stephen King, who wrote such novels as “Carrie”, “Cujo”, and “The Stand”, has the Sun as his only planet in an Earth Sign.

It is in his Third House (communications) so it funnels his energy to communications. The Sun rules the sign of Leo, and King has that sign at the beginning of his Second House (money) linking income to his communications ability.

What if there is more than one planet that stands out?

Then All of those planets will be strong and you have to interpret all of them to find the central themes of the horoscope. For example, President Bill Clinton has the Moon, his emotions, in Taurus as his only placement in an Earth Sign, and it’s in his Eighth House, the house of Sex. Could this indicate a stronger than normal emotional need for sex? At the same time, he has the planet Uranus, planet of genius and sudden, unexpected events and Gemini in the Ninth House. It is his only placement in both a  Mutable Sign and a Cadent House, so Uranus is singleton twice over. Gemini is highly adaptable and the Ninth House rules the principles we live by. Clinton is a “pragmatist” who has no trouble shifting policies at the drop of a hat, as he did after the Democrats lost Congress in 1994.

Monica Lewinsky, on the other hand, also has her Moon in Taurus as her only placement in an Earth Sign. But she has it in the Seventh House (partnership) so relationships should be more important to her than to Clinton, who has this in the sex house. Unfortunately for her, Monika has another singleton: Mercury (communications) in the Tenth House (career and public image) is her only planet in a Water Sign. Now Mercury in the 10th house already means that whatever you say tends to become public. When the planet gets an extra boost by being a singleton, well, for a while, the public was hanging on her every secretly recorded word. .

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