Do You Have a Majority of Planets in one Quality

Part II

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Qualities have to do with how we Act. There are three qualities, each with four signs. Their names are CardinalFixed, and Mutable, but I prefer to call them the Action signs, the Stubborn signs, and the Adaptable signs. If you have a majority of planets (at least 5) in any one quality, it stands out in your life. 

A majority in the Cardinal Signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) shows a person who dives into one project after another. Life to folks with a Cardinal majority has to have plenty of action. They don’t adapt, like the Mutable signs.

They attack. “Forward charge!” is their motto. They always seem to attract crises, and if they can’t find one, they will create a crisis just to have something to do. Marc Edmund Jones said that those with a Cardinal majority are “opportunistic rather than particularly aware of the right or wrong of anything.” Of course. For Cardinal majority people, action is where it’s at.

A good example of a horoscope with a Cardinal majority is the chart of Clint Eastwood. Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are all in Cardinal Signs. Clint specialized in playing action heroes.

However, typical of the Cardinal sign need for new worlds to conquer, he branched out into producing, directing, and politics (he was the mayor of Carmel, California).

Donald Trump also has a Cardinal majority (Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are in Cancer, and Jupiter and Neptune are in Libra). He goes from one deal to the next and has even written a book called “The Art of the Deal.” Again, in Cardinal sign fashion, staying in one field is not enough for that restless nature.

He also owns casinos, wrote two books, tried owning an airline, and considered a run for president.

Henri Landru had seven planets in Cardinal signs, and six of them were in his 12th House (psychological problems and matters that we want to keep hidden). He went from wife to wife, getting them to take their money out of the bank and then making them “disappear” (none of the bodies were ever found). He did it 10 or eleven times (I lost count; he probably did too) before he was caught and sent to the guillotine.

Audrey Hepburn had five Cardinal planets. Her career path is a good example of the effect of a Cardinal majority on the life. Rather than stay in one career her entire life, she went from modeling to movies and then retired at age 37 to raise her children. Later, instead of returning to Hollywood, she worked with the United Nations on children’s matters.

Bill Cosby has five Cardinal planets. He started as a stand up comic, made a hit as an undercover agent in the ground breaking series “I Spy”, had a short run in another series as a football coach, had a monster hit in his sitcom “The Cosby Show”, played a retired medical examiner in “The Bill Cosby Mysteries”, and hosted a quiz show. A perfect example of  Cardinal sign opportunism and always looking for new worlds to conquer.

A majority of planets in the Fixed Signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) shows a person who may take a long time to start something. But once they are moving, they don’t stop. And they are stubborn. Stability is the main interest of those with a Fixed majority. They don’t like to change.  Someone with a Cardinal majority will probably focus on immediate results. Those with a Fixed majority will most likely set their sights on the long view (OK, if I do this now, I’ll get that good result right away, but 5 years down the line it’s going to be a disaster).

Mohammed Ali has seven planets in Fixed signs. He was always in there for the long haul. In most of his fights, the late rounds went to him. He took on the U.S. government over a matter of principle and won. But his strength turned out to be a weakness. Ali didn’t know when to quit the ring and kept fighting long past his prime.

Conrad Hilton had five Fixed sign planets. The hotel chain still bears his name.

Carl Jung  had six Fixed sign planets. He had one big insight and spent the rest of his life following it up.

Woodrow Wilson was another with six Fixed planets. Even though he ultimately failed, his goals were based on principle and not just an immediate crisis.

Arthur Miller also has six Fixed planets. His most famous play, “The Death of a Salesman”, didn’t deal as much with human relationships or immediate crises as much as it did with the principles by which the main character, Willy Loman, lived and how those principles resulted in disaster.. “The Crucible” on the surface was about a 17th century crisis, but it really dealt with a recurring human flaw. “The View From the Bridge” would seem to be an exception, since it seemed to be concerned with relationships. In reality, it was based on an ancient Greek tragedy and dealt with problems that could be considered “eternal.”

One other thing about Arthur Miller. We looked at his chart earlier in the chapter that dealt with having a majority of planets in one element. Miller also has five planets in Water Signs. What does this mean? It gives him the traits of the Sign that is both fixed and water. Scorpio. This is why we can’t overemphasize the Sun Sign. His Sun is in Libra, a sign that normally likes to have everything in “good taste.” But with 5  planets in water signs and 6 in fixed signs, he can act more like a Scorpio, a sign that likes to dig deep and get at the dirty little secrets, a sign that likes to see and experience the underside of life. We wouldn’t know this about him unless we counted the planets.

A majority of planets in Mutable Signs shows a person who is more concerned with Relationships and Communications than either principles or immediate problems. Whenever there is a problem, the opportunistic Cardinal signs want to attack it and come up with a fast solution, the Fixed signs will reach an answer based on principle (whatever those principles happen to be), but the Mutable signs will want to “talk it over”. If there is no one else involved, then they will research the situation from every possible angle. Learning and experiencing are big things with them. Mutable Signs  tend to keep working on things as long as they are interesting, even if there is a deadline. When the situation isn’t interesting any more, they have an urge to drop it, whether or not the job has been finished.

Mutable Signs and Cardinal signs can drive each other crazy because Mutable will keep talking about a situation from every possible angle. All the Cardinal signs want, however, is the minimum of information they need to reach a decision and take action!

Noel Coward had seven planets in Mutable Signs. The time of his birth is uncertain, but that does not affect the Sign Positions of the planets. His plays were mostly light, breezy comedies. The one exception was “Brief Encounter” which was about a relationship.

Charles Addams had five Mutable planets. He also had Uranus, planet of the unexpected and shocking, right at the top of his chart. His cartoons usually portrayed people in unusual situations (like the one that showed a dignified, matronly lady sitting in an upscale doctor’s office when she suddenly notices that the pictures on the wall are all scenes of torture). His “Addams Family” cartoons became the basis for a TV series and two movies. In typical Mutable signs fashion, they showed relationships, viewed, of course, from a perverted standpoint.

Henry David Thoreau had eight Mutable planets. He once wrote that if most people wanted to take a trip around the world, they would first work and slave to earn the money (most likely at a job they didn’t like) but he would just go, taking odd jobs along the way to meet expenses. And, he continued, he would have a better time and learn more. As good an example as any of the Mutable sign desire to stay with things as long as they are interesting.

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