The See-Saw

Part II

Sections 10.6

In the See-Saw chart, the planets are divided into two groups that must be  (according to Marc Edmund Jones) at least 60 or 70 degrees apart. There has to be a minimum of two planets in each group (if one “group” has only one planet, you have a funnel horoscope, which is completely different).

The See-Saw makes it easier for you to see both sides of every situation. It also can increase your awareness of other people. This makes See-Saw people different from those with a bundle horoscope, who tend to be more self-absorbed.

An interesting example is the chart of Stefi Graf. Interesting, isn’t it that she became a champion in tennis where the ball is hit back and forth in see-saw fashion? She has an evenly balanced See-Saw with 5 planets on each side.

The empty space on the bottom is 90 degrees and 150 degrees on the top. Notice that there are two singletons. Mars, the planet of energy and aggression, is the only planet in a fire sign, and fire has to do with self-assertion as well.

Neptune (dreams and ideals) is her only planet in a water sign (emotion). Both funnel the “energy” of her horoscope to the 6th House (work) so everything focuses on her job.

Mars (energy and aggression) and Saturn (discipline) both make close aspects to her Mid-Heaven (career), a perfect setup for a sports champion.

Saturn is also a restrictive influence, and it sits right on top of Stefi’s Venus (love) tending to stifle that part of her life and concentrate more energy on work.

Too bad Whitney Houston didn’t go in for sports instead of singing. Her chart is every bit as explosive as Stefi Graf’s. Unfortunately, since there are no opponents in music, all of the turmoil comes out in well publicized fights with her husband. Whitney’s horoscope has seven planets in the right hand group and three on the left. This is a so-called “royal chart”. Whoever gave it that name was being sarcastic.

What it really means is that these folks can’t do anything all by themselves. They always have to have somebody else around to get anything off the ground. Just like Stefi, Whitney has Saturn aspecting her Mid-Heaven. This increases the discipline needed for success. But Whitney also has Jupiter (luck) throwing a trine aspect (120 degrees, and this makes things even easier). Most of the charts of people successful in show business have Jupiter aspecting the Mid-Heaven.

The Sun and Moon both aspect it as well, which is good if you have to come before the public. But Mars and Pluto (battle planets) are in the 7th House (marriage and partnership) and we all know how that worked out. Saturn, in addition, is opposite her Sun, and that tends to make marriage difficult as well.

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