Neptune Transits

Part III

Lesson 18.2

Neptune is the planet of dreams and delusions, ideals and imagination. When it transits, it spreads tinsel and gossamer over everything it touches. Don Quixote must have had several of these when he went mad. Neptune rules alcohol, and how many of us have gotten drunk and jumped in the sack with someone whom we normally would not have given a second glance? Neptune can make anything look better. Or worse for that matter. In both cases, it is only “image”.  But without the ideals of Neptune, what would there be to strive for? And what would any of us be without a dream?

Neptune Transits Through Your First House: Well, at least it’s good for your imagination. Of course, you may have to sew name tags to all your clothing to remind yourself who you are. No, it’s not that bad. Just be careful not to let your imagination run away with you. You may also find yourself wanting to take care of people with problems. A Neptune transit may make you want to help people. but it doesn’t give you the ability to do the job. Send them to a professional. If you really feel the need to do something yourself, join a volunteer group.

Neptune Transits Through Your Second House: Watch your money. The big problem is not other people. It’s you. When Neptune hits you, you don’t want to deal with reality in that area of your life. At this time, there will be a tendency to let finances drift or get involved in nebulous schemes to increase wealth.  Here is something that other books won’t tell you. Neptune can have the same effect when making a stress aspect to the cusp (beginning) of the 2nd House. This means that confusion can hit your finances when Neptune is 90 degrees away in another corner of the chart, or when it is entering your 8th House (180 degrees away). The thing to do is to make certain that your money is somewhere safe and secure way before this transit starts. Schedule some time, on a regular basis, to check your finances. And make sure to stick to that schedule. This is important because, when Neptune hits, you won’t want to.

Neptune Transits Through Your Third House: This is a great transit if you happen to be a poet or a fiction writer. It’s not as good if you have to communicate precise facts. There is an increased chance of confusion in relations with siblings and neighbors. All communications will be affected.

Be careful with business negotiations. As always with Neptune transits, you won’t want to be careful. Wherever Neptune transits is the place where we would rather daydream than look at reality straight on. We have to make extra effort to see things as they are. Under this transit, your imagination will tend to be stronger when you are walking around your neighborhood.

Neptune Transits Through Your Fourth House: Not the best transit if you want to buy a house or do any real estate deals. Neptune tends to cause confusion wherever it goes. Under Neptune transits, we are more likely to see what we want to see instead of what is really there. It also leads us to make excuses.  “Wow, that house is really beautiful. I just have to buy it. Oh sure, it has a few minor things wrong, like termites and rotten plumbing, but I think I can clear these up without too much trouble.” Not.   There can also be confusion in relations with parents. You are going to have to make an extra effort in this area. As always, this depends on your situation. For instance, a teen-ager with this transit may have more than the normal amount of conflict.  Under this transit, your imagination will get stronger when you are at home. But make certain to make important decisions when you are out of the house.

Neptune Transits Through Your Fifth House: This is a great transit to have if you work in a really creative field. Your imagination will have room to expand.  But this is a difficult transit if you are dating. Under Neptune transits, we see what we want to see. We can mistake a low-life for the love our life. Even worse, we can get attracted to someone because we feel sorry for them, what I call the “Oh you poor little thing, let me fall in love with you and make you all better” syndrome. This transit can, for as long as it lasts, make us act as if we were born with Neptune in the 5th House. There can also be increased confusion concerning children at this time, and that includes your grown children (no matter how old they get, they are still your “babies”). Take extra care when talking to them. Misunderstandings are more likely during this transit.

Neptune Transits Through Your Sixth House: The areas affected here are work (your day-to-day work, not your career), co-workers, the service you provide to others, and the services they provide to you. Also affected will be the conditions relating to health.  Well, who doesn’t daydream about a better job? You will just be doing this more when Neptune goes through your 6th House. Be careful not to do too much daydreaming though, for obvious reasons. There will also tend to be extra confusion in relations with co-workers and subordinates. You are more vulnerable now to those who would take advantage of you on the job. No, this transit doesn’t cause these people to suddenly appear. There are always some people around who are negatively inclined. It’s just that during this transit, your guard is less likely to be up. That’s where the trouble comes in.  In regard to health, you are more likely to get vague ailments that are difficult to diagnose. Neptune transiting your 6th House can also make you interested in strange, unproved healing methods. That weird diet where you just eat Yak excrement for a week may start sounding good to you. Splash some cold water on your face and wake up.  

Neptune Transits Through Your Seventh House: No, it’s Not a good idea to marry someone in order to “help” them. Send them to a therapist. Then go to one yourself. And that poor person who needs help in business — no, don’t take them in as a partner. Prospective partners, both business and marriage, tend to look better than they really are when Neptune passes through your 7th House. Take off those rose colored glasses. Force yourself.

Neptune Transits Through Your Eighth House: Watch out for confusion in the areas of credit and partnership resources. It’s easier now to max out on credit cards because you won’t be paying attention. If you have a partner (marriage or business, makes no difference) neither of you will be taking responsibility. The other possibility is that the partner will be taking money without your knowledge. On the plus side, your sexual fantasies can get a big boost. Just be careful not to spend too much on porno videos.

Neptune Transits Through Your Ninth House: This is the house of “higher mind”, higher education, publications, religion, the “philosophy you live by, and long journeys. As far as the higher education, you can do well during this transit if you study something creative, like art or music, or something abstract, like math or mathematical physics. If you are studying a specific skill, like mechanics or accounting, you may have a problem with the details. Even here though, you may be able to come up with answers without knowing how you got them. Nothing mystical here. Your brain is still doing the same work it did before. The only difference is you aren’t aware of it.  In the area of religion and “philosophy”, there will be a tendency to get attracted to weird ideas that you will believe on “faith”.  

Neptune Transits Through Your Tenth House: The tenth house is your career and the goals of your life, and Neptune transiting here favors any career that requires vision and imagination. When Neptune transited your 9th House, you had a chance to study for careers requiring imagination, everything from music to math to physics. When Neptune reaches the 10th House, you can practice them. It also favors any occupation requiring compassion. It’s a good time to work in the areas of medicine, social work, or psychotherapy. This was one of the transits hitting me when I became a full time astrologer.  In careers requiring less imagination and more practical skills, there may be a period of disorientation, doubt, and lots of daydreaming. See if you can do something to give that career a little more pizzazz or do some volunteer charity work on the side. Use your imagination.  

Neptune Transits Through Your Eleventh House: This is the house of friends, hopes, and wishes. You will tend to attract dreamy, imaginative, and “spacey” people to you now. Watch out not to attract parasites who drain you. This is not a good period for doing business with friends because you will trust them too much. As far as your hopes and wishes, try not to make them so high that they can never be reached.

Neptune Transits Through Your Twelfth House: Neptune is at home here because this house corresponds to the 12th sign, Pisces, which Neptune rules. During this transit, you may actually be able to get rid of many of the illusions you have had over the years. But don’t worry. When Neptune leaves here, it goes into your first house and you will get a whole new bunch of illusions. One key to all Neptune transits is to get the benefits of imagination and vision without letting yourself get lost in that dreamy fog. The other is to let yourself be compassionate without becoming a sucker.  

Neptune Transits in Aspect to the Natal Sun: These increase the imagination and sensitivity. The smooth aspects (sextile and trine) make you feel good. Everything seems to have an extra sparkle. the times when you have those are good for getting involved with charitable causes or doing something creative. So go ahead and volunteer to work at that soup kitchen, or join that amateur theatrical group. Take that course in literature or painting.  The stress aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) work a little differently. Since the Sun rules the body and Neptune rules drugs and alcohol, be very careful what you consume. It takes less alcohol to get drunk under these aspects, and reactions to drugs and medication are more likely when Neptune hits. But that’s not the half of it. On its negative side, Neptune rules delusions of all sorts. Under the stress aspects, you never see trouble coming. Be extra careful in any and all business dealings now. The main problem will be yourself, because you won’t be interested in reality. All you will want to do is look at the pretty colors. People are especially vulnerable at this time to the siren song of cults. Keep a grip or else you will wind up giving them all your worldly wealth and devoting yourself forever to the head guru. You can be much more easily influenced by others under the stress aspects of Neptune to your Sun. Watch out.  As always, check the House that the Sun was in when you were born as well as the house that Neptune is transiting through. See which signs have Leo and Pisces on the cusp (beginning). Those are the areas of your life that will be affected the most.

Neptune Transits in Aspect to the Natal Moon: The Moon rules your instincts and feelings. A Neptune transit increases their power. Your imagination will be more active and you will be more likely to cry at a performance of “La Boheme”. Neptune is the chameleon planet. If you are around someone with strong emotions, you will imitate them, seeming to take on their emotions. For this reason, be very careful whom you associate with at this time. Women in particular, will have a stronger influence on you, whatever your gender.  As usual, the sextile and trine tend to produce the fewest problems. They are excellent if you happen to be in a creative field. The conjunction, square, and opposition are the most trouble because they make you “certain” that your hunches are correct. Guess again.

Neptune Transits in Aspect to Natal Mercury: Mercury is your conscious mind and your ability to communicate. Neptune is imagination, dreams, and illusions. Your persuasive abilities can be increased by this transit. So can your susceptibility to others. Be careful in any and all negotiations and business deals. Even if the people you deal with are not trying to cheat you, you can easily cheat yourself by seeing what you want to see instead of what is actually there. If you are a fiction writer, especially a screenwriter, this transit can be a good thing. The rest of us have to be careful. This is difficult because care requires concentration, something that is lacking when Neptune reveries hit. As usual, the smooth aspects (sextile and trine) are the easiest. They increase imagination without the tendency towards self-undoing. The conjunction, square, and opposition, however, can put your brain into never-never land. The House where Mercury is placed in your birth chart can also be affected. For instance, if Mercury is in your 6th House, the greatest effect could be in your job, or in dealing with people who are providing services to you.

Neptune Transits in Aspect to Natal Venus: “Of course I love (him, her, it)! This is my soulmate! I’m sure of it!” Not. Under the influence of Neptune, we tend to see what we want to see instead of what is really there. When Neptune transits your Venus, your love life is affected. So is your artistic sense. Things you never noticed before can suddenly seem to be beautiful. For an artist, this can be a great time, even under the stress aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition). But no one should get married during a Neptune-hits-Venus time. The danger that you are just fooling yourself is too great. After the transit is over, the reality becomes visible. You may not like it. Under the stress aspects, you may even be attracted to someone because of their problems! “Oh you poor little thing. I know you’re an alcoholic, a junkie, a con-artist, and tri-sexual. Let me marry you and make you all better!” Do yourself a favor and use the magic number instead. Please memorize it. It is 911. Dial that and have them taken away. Let a professional take care of them.

Neptune Transits in Aspect to Natal Mars: This one can have some unexpected benefits. Your dreams are energized and your energy will tend to go to fulfill your dreams. Of course, the results will depend on the nature of your dreams. As usual, the stress aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) can produce the biggest problems. With them, your physical energy is more likely to be diverted to your imagination and you are more likely to feel drained. Or it may be that your more unrealistic desires are getting the energy and you put your life savings into that new company that is making a perpetual motion machine. The best thing to do when getting hit by the stress aspects is to try not to force things. Let them happen instead. The trine and sextile work out with fewer difficulties, but with all aspects of Neptune you will probably feel as if you are being “guided” or pulled by an ocean tide. Things seem to come to you all by themselves.

Neptune Transits in Aspect to Natal Jupiter: Jupiter is your optimism. Neptune is dreams, yes, but it is also delusions. Take great care not to let this one run away with you. It is obviously Not the best time to visit a casino or become a day trader. Strange religious cults may seem more attractive to you now. Watch out. You’re more inclined with this transit to view the big picture. First, make sure it’s a picture of something real. Next, be extra careful to take care of those little details that seem so dull right now. As always, the smooth aspects (sextile and trine) tend to work out with fewer problems. Don’t forget to check out the house that Jupiter is in and the house that it rules (the one with Sagittarius on the cusp). For instance, if Sagittarius is on the cusp (beginning) of the 11th House (friends, hopes, and wishes) you will tend to attract people who are either idealistic, spaced-out, or con artists. You will also start to think more about your hopes and wishes. Be careful that this doesn’t cause you to neglect the details of day-to-day living.

Neptune Transits in Aspect to Natal Saturn: Saturn rules your sense of security and your worst fears. The stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) of transiting Neptune can make it seem as if everything you need to feel safe is being dissolved out from under you. Most likely it isn’t, but it Feels that way with this transit. The best way to handle a transit of Neptune to Saturn in your birth chart is to try to bring some of your ideals and dreams (Neptune) into reality (Saturn).

Neptune Transits in Aspect to Natal Uranus: Nobody born before 1992 will experience the conjunction, unless they live to be over 100. Sudden (Uranus) confusion (Neptune) is one possibility of this transit. Another is that you will be opened up to totally new ways of looking at the world. Transits like this are one factor that get people interested in studying weird things, like astrology. The trine and sextile aspects will do this smoothly. The square and opposition aspects can be a little rougher to deal with. Your old views on things are being challenged and you may not want to give them up. Go with the flow. Check the houses that Uranus and Neptune rule in your birth chart as well as the houses they occupy. Those areas of your life can also be affected, as can the house that Neptune is transiting through. For instance, if you were born with Uranus in the 5th House, a square or opposition from transiting Neptune could increase the desire to gamble. Please don’t. It could also bring someone into your life whom you are absolutely certain is your “soul mate”. Most likely, it’s just some poor wretch disguised as your “soul mate”.

Neptune Transits in Aspect to Natal Neptune: Your imagination increases with any contact between transiting and natal Neptune. Don’t let it run away with you. This transit can also activate your compassion for others, as well as increase the chance that it will be misplaced and misused. A good time to do some volunteer charity work. A bad time, a VERY bad time, to try to “save” someone yourself. Send them to a therapist, social worker, or some other professional. What is you are a professional in those fields. Then just remain detached as much as possible while you are helping people. If you start to get personally involved with any of them at this time, well that’s bad news. Send them to another professional. As far as the rest of your life, let your imagination run free. Don’t try to block it. But make sure that there is solid ground under you before you take any action. Otherwise, postpone acting on those fantasies until after this transit is passed.

Neptune Transits in Aspect to Natal Pluto: I am the opposition of Neptune to my birth Pluto right now as I am writing this! Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, sign of the values held by society (others in general) and one of the things I am trying to do by writing this is to change the way society views astrology. Is it just a fantasy? We’ll see. Neptune is dreams and fantasies and Pluto is sex, so the writing may get interrupted from time to time.  In general, take care not to get obsessed (Pluto) with your dreams and fantasies (Neptune). Still, if you take care to stay grounded in reality, this can be a good time to cautiously pursue those dreams, and even a few of those fantasies.  

Neptune Transits in Aspect to the Natal Ascendant: The Ascendant shows how you start things. Remember that any aspect to the Ascendant is also an aspect to the opposite point, the Descendant, which influences how you relate to partners, and to other people in general on a one-to-one basis. The conjunction, square, and opposition tend to bring confusion. Absolutely don’t start a business partnership or get married when this transit is in force. Wait until it passes. This may be difficult to do because you can be so “sure” that the relationship is wonderful. The certainty that you feel may pass when Neptune leaves the scene. And the relationship with it.  Be careful, also, when starting things. Unless the thing you’re starting has to do specifically with Neptune (like taking up sailing, or doing charity work) confusion and deception are more likely to raise their ugly heads.  On the more positive side, your compassion can increase during this transit. Your intuition can become more powerful as well, but that would work best in situations in which you are not personally involved.

Neptune Transits in Aspect to the Natal Mid-Heaven: The conjunction of Neptune to the Mid-Heaven was one of the aspects I had when I started to practice astrology full-time. Among other things, Neptune gets you interested in strange things. It also gives the ability to recognize patterns. For most people, Neptune making any contact with the Mid-Heaven will activate the imagination. Usually, this will do nothing more than cause an increase in daydreams (“I’m a surfing instructor on a tropical island, yeah”). It frequently takes other aspects to energize this transit and drive you to take concrete steps to make the dreams real. Be careful not to let the fantasies interfere with living and making a living. But if your life has no life in it, if it’s too dull for words, maybe it is time for a change.

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