Jupiter Transits


Part III

Lesson 18.5

Jupiter is supposed to be the planet of “good luck”. Anti-Murphy’s Law: If something can go RIGHT, it will.  What most books don’t tell you is that Jupiter has its downside. Sure you can feel good when Jupiter comes around. Too good. You can become overconfident, lazy, sloppy, and neglectful of details. Why not? After all, you feel so sure that everything will be all right and that the good times will never end. Guess what? When Jupiter leaves, so does the “luck”. And you may be a few pounds heavier as well. The influence of Jupiter is to expand things, and that can include your waistline.

On the positive side, Jupiter transits are generally a good time to make that extra effort. With Saturn transits, you have to. With Jupiter transits, you don’t have to, and you won’t want to.

You can become so comfortable, you may not want to push harder. But if you don’t, you can miss some really good opportunities. Another way to handle a Jupiter transit is to schedule some important project to reach a critical point around the time that the Jupiter hits.

No, it’s still not a guarantee of success, but it does increase the odds in your favor.

Jupiter Transits Through Your First House: By itself, this transit tends to bring new opportunities.

The danger is that you will feel so good that you won’t do anything. Another problem is that you can gain weight at this time. The 1st House does rule appearance and Jupiter makes this larger, so watch your diet. Jupiter is also the ruler of Sagittarius, the sign of wisdom and philosophy. This transit can enable you to get the big picture. Jupiter going through your 1st House helps you understand. Optimism tends to increase.It’s a good time to make long range plans. Just be careful not to make them too big.

Jupiter Transits Through Your Second House: Income tends to take a jump upward, especially if you are self employed or get paid commissions. The downside is that you may “feel” so rich that you don’t watch spending, and, before you know it, that feeling is all the wealth you have left. Do yourself a favor and put a savings plan together before Jupiter gets here. Remember that Saturn will also hit you here eventually and that’s when you have to pay the piper.

Jupiter Transits Through Your Third House: This is the house of communications, short trips, neighbors, and siblings. Jupiter transiting here can be a good time to buy a new car. Be careful to set a spending limit though. Jupiter can produce overconfidence, and that leads to overspending. Relationships with siblings and neighbors can improve now, even if they are good to begin with. If you are in school during this transit, learning becomes easier. Saturn transiting here may mean you have to study. Jupiter, by contrast, is more likely to be fun. If you have to do any writing or public speaking, the Jupiter effect will be a great help. It increases confidence and makes communications easier. The downside is that overconfidence can also set in and you don’t prepare, or worse, blurt out something embarrassing. As always, check other transits to make certain there are no contrary influences. For instance, if Saturn and Neptune happen to make transiting stress aspects to your natal Mercury while Jupiter is going through your 3rd House, the only thing to get expanded will be irrational fears.

Jupiter Transits Through Your Fourth House: A good time for real-estate deals or to fix up the house. Home should feel more comfortable now, unless, of course, it is small. Jupiter transiting here can make you feel claustrophobic. If you can, look for a larger place, or, at least, one with a view. Relations with anyone you live with generally run smoother with this transit.

Jupiter Transits Through Your Fifth House: This house rules romance, creativity, children, gambling, speculation, sports, games, and hobbies. Unless you are in a coma, get ready for some fun. As always with Jupiter transits, be careful not to overdo it. And don’t think that because Jupiter rules “luck” and the 5th House is gambling that you can win the lottery. Sure Jupiter can improve odds in your favor. Instead of being 10,000,000 to 1 against you, they will only be 5,000,000 to 1. Please note that they are still against you.

Jupiter Transits Through Your Sixth House: Years ago, when this hit me, I was looking for a teaching job. I applied to 5 different places and got accepted at 4 of them. Twelve years later, I had an office job that I didn’t like but I saw Jupiter coming around again and it was going to make a trine to my natal Venus in the 10th House (career). But I was building up my astrology practice and I didn’t want a full time job. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t think of any part- time position that could pay enough. The day that Jupiter made that trine, I got a call from the chairman of the chemistry department of a local college (someone I hadn’t heard from in 3 years) who offered me a part-time teaching job for the semester. I hadn’t even applied. Jupiter transiting your 6th House is usually a great time to look for a new job or to have an easier time on your old one. Of course, you have to check the other aspects that are hitting you. Saturn, for instance, affecting this house at the same time, will tend to cancel out the Jupiter effect. Perhaps transiting Neptune is making a square to a planet in your 6th House. That can make you see opportunities where there aren’t any. Even without a contrary indication, with Jupiter there is always a danger of feeling so good that you don’t get anything done. Maybe that job you hate seems to be getting better, so you figure “Why change now?” Because Jupiter will only be hitting you for about a year. That’s why. Don’t blow it. Other books will tell you that health tends to be a little better during this transit. Better than what? Better than it was the year before. What they don’t mention is that you can become over optimistic about your health and do things like putting off that check up. That is not a good idea. And since the  Jupiter influence is expansive, you have to watch your weight more closely. Jupiter may increase “luck”, but it is not a friend of dieters.

Jupiter Transits Through Your Seventh House: This is the house of marriage, partnership, and one-to-one relationships in general. It rules any relationship where the other person is dealt with as an equal. Ironically, this means that it also rules “open” enemies as well as marriage partners. Of course, some people will find that all too true. Jupiter transiting here does Not mean that you will be getting married. All it does is make relationships and partnerships easier. In fact, this is a good time to be extra cautious about entering into any sort of partnership because, in the area of our life where Jupiter is transiting, we tend to be overoptimistic. And, as always with Jupiter transits, we can feel so good that we let things drift. As a result, we don’t get anything done. If you are in a contact business, like sales, this can be a very good transit. Jupiter moving through the 7th House will tend to bring you better prospects and more business.

Jupiter Transits Through Your Eighth House: This is the house of sex and credit. I fondly remember what happened when Jupiter went through my 8th House years ago. Five banks sent me unsolicited credit cards. That’s all that happened. And when Saturn entered my 8th House a few years later, I became aware of how much I ran them up. It’s important to remember that Jupiter can also mean “Too much of a good thing”. This is the house that rules other people’s money and resources. Jupiter transiting your 8th House is a good time to apply for bank loans. Careful not to overextend yourself. Yes, this is also the house of inheritance, but that can’t happen every day. If somebody does leave you some money or possessions while Jupiter is transiting here, the transfer tends to become easier. Or you could get more than you expect. That’s all. Jupiter transiting here does not mean that someone else will die. If you are in a business that depends on access to credit or other people’s resources, you should do much better at this time. And as far as the sex goes, it doesn’t necessarily mean more. But Jupiter transiting your 8th House could make you relax and enjoy it more.

Jupiter Transits Through Your Ninth House: A good time to do 9th House things. Take that long trip you’ve always been dreaming about. Go back to school. Study something on your own. Broaden your horizons. Read those books, especially if they are about more abstract subjects, such as philosophy. Shouldn’t people do these things anyway? Yes, but Jupiter transiting your 9th House means that these things will tend to go easier and you are more likely to enjoy them. This transit is less good for learning specific subjects or skills. These are ruled by the 3rd House. The 9th House deals more with general things, getting the big picture. On the negative side, there may be a tendency to think you know it all, that something you have just learned has given you all the answers and you just have to force it down everyone else’s throat. People who are like that normally can become unbearable during this transit.  This is also a good time to write something that you intend to publish. No, it doesn’t guarantee that it will be published (and nowadays with the internet, that shouldn’t be a problem). But the odds are increased in your favor.

Jupiter Transits Through Your Tenth House: A good time to seek career advancement. Of course, if you are 8 years old, all this will mean is that teachers will tend to like you better (the 10th House is “the boss”). If you are 97 and in an old age home, you will get along better with the staff. For the rest of us, this is a good time to move ahead. As is usual with Jupiter, you may feel so confident that you don’t make the extra effort, and in a few months, the transit is gone. Don’t waste this time. If you want to change jobs, or even careers, with Jupiter, some “luck” will seem to come to you unsought. Perhaps a promotion or raise. Or your “public image” could expand. Circumstances could cause more people to know you or be aware of you. Maybe that call-in talk show will finally take your call.

Jupiter Transits Through Your Eleventh House: Your circle of friends tends to expand under this influence, especially if they come from backgrounds that are very different from yours. This is also a very good time to join groups or organizations. Got some cause to crusade for? Go for it. Other people are more likely to give help now, whether you ask for it or not. Yes, this is a good time to hit friends for loans. As always with a Jupiter transit, try not to overdo it. Remember that Jupiter transits through a house in about a year. Don’t overextend because when Jupiter leaves, you could be left high and dry with loans that you spent but can’t pay back.

Jupiter Transits Through Your Twelfth House: This is the house of hidden enemies and self-undoing. Well, Jupiter transiting here can protect you. You are less likely to be mugged while Jupiter is in this house. Some books say that you are inclined to be more “spiritual” during this transit. They never define what “spiritual” means. In fact, I have never seen a good definition of that term anywhere. There may be an increased interest in stories that are mystical in nature, but one is just as likely to feel good about doing themselves in with their favorite dissipations. As always with Jupiter transits, watch out for excess.

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to the Natal Sun: The harmonious aspects (sextile and trine, and, in this case, the conjunction) are supposed to bring “luck”. However, even the stressful aspects (square and opposition) will make you feel good. Things will seem to go your way. That makes this transit a great time to start new projects and expand old ones. It’s a good time going back to school. Jupiter transits are perfect for expanding your horizons. The downside, though, is due to that same word: EXPANSION.

During Jupiter transits, we tend to over expand, become overconfident, overextend, overdo. Then the transit is over and we are left holding the bag.  Overconfidence can also make people lazy. Everything is going so well and feels so good. Why push? Because when Jupiter leaves, so does the good feeling, that’s why. The best way to handle this transit is to plan in advance to do something extra, to push a little harder. Be sure to see which house in your horoscope has the sign of Leo on the cusp (beginning). Since Leo is ruled by the Sun, that house will also be affected. For instance, if you were born with Leo at the beginning of your 6th House (work) it might be a good time to ask for a raise or apply for a new job. Warning! As always, be sure to check all the other transits to make certain that nothing else is interfering.

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to the Natal Moon: The worst part about the stressful aspects is the tendency to gain weight. Jupiter expands things and the Moon rules the stomach. But Jupiter transiting in any aspect to your natal Moon will tend to make you feel confident and optimistic. The harmonious transits (conjunction, sextile, and trine) make it easier to get along with others (especially women). It can also indicate a good time to hunt for a new home (the Moon is the “natural” ruler of the home). Be sure to see which house in your horoscope has the sign of Cancer on the cusp (beginning). That area of your life will also be affected. For instance, if you were born with Cancer at the beginning of your 9th House (long journeys, higher education) it could be a good time to take a long trip or start a course.

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to Natal Mercury: Stressful transiting aspects (square and opposition) between Jupiter and Mercury can cause you to neglect details. You will also be more likely to blurt things out without thinking (foot in mouth disease) and be much less likely to listen. Making plans will be much easier. Of course, the plans will tend to be unreasonable beyond all measure, but hey, that’s just one of those pesky details.

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to Natal Venus: A pleasant period, unless something else interferes (like a simultaneous Saturn transit). If you are on a diet, watch out! Jupiter tends to increase one’s liking of sweets. This is especially true of the stressful aspects (square and opposition) but can occur even with the smooth ones. The house where Venus is located and the houses that have either Libra or Taurus on the cusp (beginning) will also be affected by Jupiter’s expansive touch. The danger here is that you will feel so good, you won’t want to do anything except relax and have fun. My own tendency is to enjoy this as much as possible. However, if this happens when that big project is due at work, you will have to make plans to force yourself (especially with the stressful aspects). The good thing is that if you push harder when Jupiter aspects your natal Venus, you can accomplish much more than you normally could because Jupiter is “luck” and Venus makes things easier.

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to Natal Mars: Temper, temper! Mars is action, aggression, and anger. Jupiter expands things. When Jupiter transits your natal Mars with a stressful Aspect (square or opposition) your temper will tend to be shorter. You will be more likely to get into arguments. Even worse is the overconfidence that the stressful aspects can bring. For instance, this is not a good time to do day trading. However, it does increase your energy and confidence, so it can be a good time to get something done. Your energy is increased and so is your optimism. The harmonious aspects (conjunction, sextile, and trine) also are good for “luck”, those times when things seem to fall into place.

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to Natal Jupiter: Jupiter expands whatever it touches. This transit will usually make you feel confident and good. The stressful aspects (square and trine) can make you feel too good and over confident. This can work out in several ways. You could feel so good that you get nothing done. Or you take risks that you normally wouldn’t touch with that proverbial ten-foot pole. What’s the best way to deal with transiting Jupiter aspecting natal Jupiter? First of all, don’t be lazy. Expand what you are doing. Learn a new subject. Start a new business. Take that long trip. Just don’t do it all at once! And you may have to force yourself to take normal precautions. For instance, don’t bet with your grocery money, even though you are really sure you’re going to win. Force yourself to check and double check details. You won’t want to, and that makes doing this more important. If you make an investment during this transit, try to be out of it Before the aspect is over. When Jupiter leaves, so can your “luck.”

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to Natal Saturn: Jupiter expands whatever it touches. One of the things Saturn rules is depression. Be a little careful here with the stressful aspects (square and opposition, and even, occasionally, with the conjunction). If you happen to be in a down mood, Jupiter can make it larger. Mostly though, the results tend to be beneficial, unless, of course, you’ve been very naughty and left a lot of loose ends in your life.

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to Natal Uranus: Uranus rules everything new and shocking. It’s the planet of independence and shows where we delight in turning things upside down. Jupiter, as always, expands whatever it touches. Several different things can happen here. Uranus is the planet of genius and sudden enlightenment. Jupiter transits can bring new insights and awareness. Many things seem clearer now. Solutions suddenly appear to old problems. Or you may feel cramped, hemmed in by routine and responsibilities and decide to change your job, career, home, or marital status. Jupiter is “luck” and Uranus works suddenly. The houses containing transiting Jupiter and natal Uranus are areas where you can have unexpected good fortune. The stressful aspects (square and opposition) are more likely to  throw off your judgment. If you hear something strange or bizarre, you will be inclined to believe it no matter what the evidence. This is not a good time to make drastic moves or sudden, unexpected changes in your life. Sure you can make those plans. But wait a bit before putting them into action. Check them out one more time and don’t forget to look on the downside. Now is the time to be extra cautious because you won’t want to be. As always, the harmonious aspects ((conjunction, sextile, and trine) to deal with. But with any Jupiter/Uranus contact, your desire for freedom and new experiences is expanded.

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to Natal Neptune: Well, your imagination is going to expand. So will your sympathy. Unfortunately, your sense of reality can be reduced. Yes, it’s good to want to help those less fortunate than ourselves. The problem is when Jupiter hits your natal Neptune, you can’t tell the needy from the greedy. When our Neptune is activated, we don’t like to look at reality straight on. The world is too gross and has to be “improved” with imagination. Not a good time to visit a casino or become a day trader. However, if you are in the arts, the effect on your creativity can be fantastic. Of course, it may not sell in your lifetime, but such materialistic considerations won’t trouble you at this time.

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to Natal Pluto: Pluto is obsession and Jupiter makes things larger. With the stressful aspects (conjunction, square, and opposition) you may tend to become fanatical about something, be it a belief or a personal desire. You know the meaning of “fanatic?” Someone who redoubles their efforts when they forget their goal. The stressful aspects can also throw off your judgment (Jupiter). You may know the right course to take but still be obsessed (Pluto) with one that is wrong or even in some cases self-destructive. The harmonious Aspects (sextile and trine) can give you a chance to build up your resources, or, even better, to rehabilitate them. You can also do the same with your beliefs (Jupiter). It is a good time to study any subject connected with Pluto. That includes everything involving death and rebirth (psychology, biology, archeology, sociology, anthropology, paleontology) as well as subjects concerned with other people’s money (venture capital, high finance, taxation, etc.). Also favored is self regeneration of both body and mind. Don’t just take an exercise class to get into shape. Get into something that has some sort of religious or philosophical principles behind it (yoga, tai chi, meditation). This transits also good for any form of therapy (Pluto). As with all things concerning Jupiter, however, make sure that you don’t go too fast, too far, or get over-enthusiastic. Remember, no matter what the transit, much depends on the type of person you are already. For people who tend to arrogance, this transit can make them intolerable.

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to the Natal Ascendant: With Any aspect of Jupiter to your Ascendant, Watch Your Weight! The Ascendant affects your appearance and Jupiter makes things larger. This is a time when you can expand in other ways as well. The Ascendant has to do with starting things and Jupiter transits can give extra confidence. Any Aspect to the Ascendant must also involve the opposite point, the Descendant. So this Jupiter transit can also affect the way you relate to people on a one-to-one basis. You will  probably tend to be more outgoing now, but even if you aren’t, Jupiter can bring others into your life. Don’t forget though, that (especially with the stressful aspects) some of these people may appear to be better than they actually are. Nevertheless, this is usually a good time to expand your circle of acquaintances. For your own sake, however, don’t get married or enter into a business partnership when Jupiter is making a square.

Jupiter Transits in Aspect to the Natal Mid-Heaven: Look for this one far in advance and plan to make major career moves with the conjunction, trine, or sextile. Even the so-called stressful aspects (square and opposition) can produce benefits, but you will have to make an extra effort to take care of details and not overreach yourself. Generally, this is a better time for all career matters. The opposition aspect, however, means that Jupiter is entering your 4th house (home), so that area of your life will also be activated. See the section on Jupiter transits your 4th house. As always, check ahead to see when Jupiter is going to hit and make plans well in advance. With Saturn, you have to do this to avoid trouble. In the case of Jupiter transits, this will enable you to take full advantage of “luck” and increased opportunities. The Mid-Heaven goes beyond career. It governs the life goals and public image. A Jupiter transit can make you think of big things to aim for. And it can get you interested in religious or philosophical matters, some sort of cause. Please make sure that it is a good cause.


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