The Nodes of the Moon

Part VII

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The Moon’s nodes are not planets. In fact, they are not even material objects!  Just two points in space where the Moon’s orbit crosses the plane of the Earth’s orbit. But they are an important part of any horoscope interpretation because they show a “direction” in your life.

No, this is not some sort of mystical force directing your life. The North Node simply shows the general area that you have to develop. This is analogous to the “forces” that make organisms develop in certain directions and not in others.

The opposite point, the South Node, shows the place where you feel comfortable. Too comfortable. If you stay there, you get into a rut. And worse. Your life can stagnate. That effect is heightened if there are planets making a conjunction to the South Node.

Picture the South Node as your roots and the North Node as your leaves and branches. You have to grow in the direction of the leaves. If you spend too much time on your South Node roots, you get root rot.

Important Point:

When you finally learn to express your North Node, the positive traits of your South Node sign shine through. We tend to cling to our South Node sign, but if we do, we are seldom happy with the result. Ironically, it is only when we concentrate on our North Node sign that we get what we want from our South Node placement.  Usually, only the North Node is included in the horoscope.

There really isn’t any need to show the South Node because we always know where it is, exactly opposite the North Node.

The Sign position of your nodes shows the main battle you have to deal with. The House position shows which area of your life that struggle will take place.

North Node in Aries: You can be too reliant on partners because an Aries North Node puts your South Node in Libra, the partnership sign. At critical points, partners won’t be there for you. Something seems to come up making them unavailable. You can start things with others, but you usually have to finish it by yourself. The need here is to develop self-reliance. Take a stand. Stir things up. Be active and assertive. But take a lesson from your South Node in Libra and try to do this in a charming way.

Charles Addams, the cartoonist, had the North Node in Aries. He also had it in his 12th house, which rules psychological problems. He managed to use this constructively by transferring all the hang-ups to his cartoon characters.

Reverend Jim Jones, had an Aries North Node in his 3rd house (communications). This put his Libra South Node in the 9th house which rules religion, a field he should have avoided like the plague. At the end, when it looked like he couldn’t be a guru any more, he had his followers drink poisoned Kool Aid.

Richard Dean Anderson has his Aries North Node in the 11th house. He had a seven year run as “McGyver” on TV. Well, he did play an active, assertive character. But before he became an actor, he was an athlete and an adventurer, taking risk after risk. He has the injuries to prove it.

North Node in Taurus: This is a tendency to depend too much on both the resources and values of others. There is also a subconscious need to attract instability and upheavals. A Taurus North Node means that the South Node is in Scorpio, a sign that is attracted to the hidden, the underside, the underworld. Scorpio likes to “die”, to go way down, before it regenerates. Your need here is to concentrate on the regeneration and not the downswing, to build your own resources, and even more important, to develop your own value system.

Hey, isn’t this one of those “Barnum statements” that can apply to anyone? No, not really.

There was a man once who complained to his priest, minister, or rabbi (depending whom you’re telling the joke to). He said “You have to help me; my son can’t play cards.”

The priest, minister, or rabbi responded “What are you complaining about? I wish none of our young people could play cards!”

The man answered “I wish so too. But this one does!”

Yes, everybody has to develop their own resources and values. But people with the North Node in Taurus or the 2nd house really need to do so.

John Belushi had his North Node in Taurus in the 4th house. He should have concentrated on building a stable home life, but the attraction to the underside of life proved too strong. He died from a drug overdose.

Clint Eastwood also has a Taurus North Node. It’s in his 6th house (work). Here is someone who could have slipped into the underworld of that South Node in Scorpio in his 12th house and been wiped out. Instead, he lets the characters he plays do that. He stuck to his North Node and built his own values and resources (Taurus) by working (6th house). And he did it by playing mostly Scorpio characters.

North Node in Gemini: The tendency given by this one is to be wild, untamed, and unsocialized. The negative side of that Sagittarius South Node is a total indifference to the opinions of others. They are not listened too at all. Even when it seems like someone living on their Sagittarius South Node is listening, they hear nothing. The need hear is to develop better social skills. Learn to see things from all sides before shooting that mouth off. Learn to communicate in specifics instead of generalities.

Bill Clinton has the North Node in Gemini in his 9th house. This is a complication that one frequently gets in horoscopes where the sign of Libra is rising. In this case, the North Node is in Gemini (stick to specifics) but it is in the 9th house (aim for generalities). Clinton solved this by adopting a philosophy (9th house) of pragmatism. Like the Vicar of Bray, who in 16th century England was twice a Catholic and twice a Protestant, Bill Clinton has remained true to his main principle: to stay in power (that comes from his Leo Sun-sign). Everything else shifts. Clinton learned to listen when he failed to be re-elected governor of Arkansas after his first term. He never lost another election. After the Democrats lost Congress in 1994, Clinton became more Republican than the Republicans. He is a master politician and campaigner. Just listen to his speeches. He seems to be talking in specifics while saying nothing but generalities. And that South Node in Sagittarius (the wild horse) did contribute mightily to his troubles. He thought he would never even get caught. Now, it turns out that the most famous statement he ever made (3rd house) turned out to be “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.”

George W. Bush also has the North Node in Gemini, but in his 11th house. It remains to be seen what wild oats he has yet to sow.

Donald Trump has a Gemini North Node in his 11th house. He gets help here because he has planets in Gemini. That makes it easier to move towards his North Node. The title of his first book is “The Art of the Deal.” Making deals is a Gemini activity.

North Node in Cancer: This puts the South Node in Capricorn, giving a tendency to be cool, calculating, cautious, reserved, withdrawn, and too concerned with bottom line material concerns at the expense of emotional needs. The Cancer North Node means that the feelings and instincts have to be developed as well as that Cancer nurturing ability.

Whitney Houston has her North Node in Cancer in the 5th house. She has to develop the feeling side of her nature, and her own creativity and self-expression (5th house) are the areas where this must be done. That fits in nicely with her profession, but Whitney should make certain that feelings come out in her personal life as well. That Capricorn South Node in the 11th house shows a rigid streak that has to be dropped. There are potential problems indicated here in the friendship area. Either she will calculate the value of friendships in a material way (“This one can do this for me, that one can do that for me”) or she will attract friends who will do that and try to take her for all she is worth. However, as long as she develops her talent and concentrates on self-expression, this will be less of a problem.

Adolph Hitler had his Cancer North Node in the 9th house. The problem here is that his Moon (the ruler of Cancer) was in the opposite sign, Capricorn, and was sitting right on top of his South Node in the 3rd house (communications). Jupiter, planet of expansion, mad a conjunction aspect with both. The Moon and Jupiter both have some problems in Capricorn to begin with. Hitler was notorious for suppressing his own emotions (in an interview, he said that he only cried once, when his mother died). Those emotions came out when he gave speeches (3rd house) and drove crowds into an emotional frenzy. And talk about being overly concerned with material things! He tried to conquer the world and control (Capricorn) everything. One other ironic twist. Capricorn is the sign most strongly identified with the Jewish people.

North Node in Leo: Bring on that spotlight! Well, sort of. Remember, your North Node shows a good place for you to go to, but you are still attracted to the opposite area, your South Node, where you feel most comfortable. A Leo North Node gives you a South Node in Aquarius. Friends seem to be in short supply. This is because you tend to rely on them too much. What you have to do is push your own creativity and self-expression. If the rest of your chart shows any executive ability, develop that too. Leo is, after all, the sign of royalty, and Kings and Queens are on top giving orders. But remember that Leo motto: “Nothing but the best.” With a Leo North Node, always concentrate on the high end, the top of the line.

Conrad Hilton did that. He built a chain of luxury hotels that still bear his name. Now that’s Leo. He wouldn’t have done anywhere as well with a discount chain. Hilton’s North Node was in his 8th house. Few people get rich using their own money. You have to borrow from others. An 8th house placement for his North Node gave him strength in this area. And the 8th house is also what you can give to others. Hilton gave them luxury (Leo).

Lewis Carroll also had a Leo North Node in the 8th house. Leo is also the sign of children. He became famous for writing the classic children’s books “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.”

Why did Hilton go into real estate and Carroll into writing? That has to do with other factors in their horoscopes that are discussed elsewhere in this text. The Nodes, however, did give direction. For Carroll, it was children and entertainment. For Hilton, it was the “nothing but the best” desire of Leo that caused him to aim for the luxury market.

North Node in Virgo: If you have this one, you have to develop an ability to handle details. And you have to work. Your South Node is in Pisces and that gives one of two tendencies. You can fall for any sob story and be taken advantage of by any and all con artists, or you can be one of those people yourself. On the negative side, Pisces is self-undoing. Virgo serves, but not blindly. Your direction is to learn to discriminate between the con artists and those who really need help, to distinguish fact from fiction, and of course to be busy and productive.

Salvadore Dali had a Virgo North Node in his 3rd house. With a Pisces South Node, imagination was second nature to him. But he worked, he produced actual physical objects (his paintings) to give his fantasies a tangible form.

Luther Burbank: the horticulturist, had a Virgo North Node. If the time of his birth is correct, it was making a conjunction with his Mid-Heaven (career). This fits perfectly in this case since Virgo is the sign of gardening.

Jack Anderson: the investigative reporter, has his Virgo North Node in the 3rd house. Like Dali, he has to communicate in detail. But instead of expressing dreams (the positive side of Pisces) he rips away illusions and deceptions.

North Node in Libra: Partnership is one of the keys for you. Your South Node is in Aries, so your tendency is to do things on your own. You may start that way, but you will usually need the help of someone else to finish things off. And that Aries temper! You have to learn to handle conflicts in a peaceful manner (Libra). Blowing up (Aries) will most likely blow your chances for succeeding. So will that Aries tendency to charge ahead first and look later.

Raquel Welch: has her North Node in Libra in the 10th house (career and public image). No problem here. She is pushed to get out of the house and concentrate on a profession. Libra being the sign of beauty helped her in her chosen line of being a sex symbol. She probably has to watch out for the explosive temper that South Node in Aries tends to give.

Reverend Jim Bakker: has his North Node in Libra in the 8th house. He was very successful taking other people’s money (8th house) while he had a partner (his wife, Tammy Faye). He lost it by going out on his own with a hooker. Mars, the ruler of Bakker’s South Node, is in the last degree of Pisces. On the negative side, Pisces rules self-undoing. On top of that, the last degree is home to the fixed star Scheat (pronounced She-at). The effect of Scheat is—well, it’s just like it sounds. The nature of this star is similar to Saturn, meaning it can cause falls from power if one strays from the straight and narrow.

North Node in Scorpio: means you need upheavals. They are good for you. That South Node in Taurus is too grasping and rigid. You have to learn how to throw things away. That includes habitual routines and some of your personal values as well as material objects. Of all positions of the Node, this is the one that is best off undertaking some form of rehabilitation, therapy, or religious discipline requiring a transformation. Also favored are careers dealing with something ruled by Scorpio.

Bryn Hartman: had her North Node in Scorpio in the 2nd house. This  placed her South Node in Taurus in her 8th house She put too much emphasis on the material goods and possessions (Taurus) supplied by her partner. When faced with loosing this through divorce, she snapped. The 8th house also rules death, which was the path she took rather than face the upheaval and readjustments of a material loss.

Lon Chaney: the “Man of a Thousand Faces”, had a Scorpio North Node. If the time of his birth is correct, it was in his 6th house (work). That Scorpio placement had to be a help to him when he was transforming himself into other characters, including monsters (also ruled by Scorpio).

Charles Darwin: had a Scorpio North Node. The time of his birth is uncertain so we cannot be sure of the house position. However, his North Node was less than 3 1/2 degrees away from Uranus, planet of genius, shocks, and sudden changes. Darwin certainly fulfilled that one by undermining the social value structure that had endured for over a thousand years and shocking many people in the process. Incidentally, Scorpio also rules the biological sciences.

Once more, I would like to point out that thousands of other people also had that same conjunction of the planet Uranus with the North Node and they didn’t propose a theory of evolution. But since they were not famous, we don’t know exactly how this worked out in their lives. Perhaps they did small things that, in their own way, were also startling and original. And one must always consider all other factors, the entire horoscope. The placement of the Nodes is, after all, only one indicator out of many. Nevertheless, in one way or another, it manages to shine through.

North Node in Sagittarius: There is a strong need to get the big picture and not get bogged down in everyday trivia. The negative side of that Gemini South Node is that it can talk incessantly about nothing. If you have this one, there is a danger that  you will always be chasing after the next fad, the next “in thing” and loose your own identity in the process. The tendency is to care too much about being “accepted.” That Sagittarius North Node pushes you to take a stand on what you really believe in and not be so concerned with what is “in” or “out.” Take more long trips instead of just hanging around the neighborhood. Put a little adventure in your life. Instead of just finding out the latest facts, aim for the big picture and try to see what they mean. If you have these Nodes and you find there is no meaning in your life, then you are spending too much time on your Gemini South Node. Find a cause that turns you on and charge off to the crusade.

Drew Barrimore: has her North Node in Sagittarius in the 6th house (work). That puts her Gemini South Node in her 12th house (self-undoing). Her Sun is in Pisces (negatively, the sign of self-undoing) and her Moon in Cancer (negatively, “poor little me”). She was in rehab by the time she was fourteen. Drew will be ok as long as she finds meaningful work (Sagittarius North Node in her 6th house) or something where she can help others.

Bill Cosby: also has a Sagittarius North Node. When he was a stand-up comic, he didn’t just tell jokes. His style was to tell stories (Sagittarius). Of course, they were frequently long-winded and had no point (Gemini South Node) but at least he tried to go in the right direction.

North Node in Capricorn: Your job is to be more practical, efficient, organized, and ambitious. With your South Node in Cancer, there is too much of a tendency to be emotional. More than that, a Cancer South Node can be downright immature, like a cranky child. Don’t expect Mommy (or a substitute) to serve your needs forever. Do it yourself. On the positive side, when you do grow towards your Capricorn North Node, those Cancer traits can keep you from become too cold and aloof. Efficiency with feeling.

Judd Hirsch: has the North Node in Capricorn. It is also in the 10th house. This is a double influence and emphasizes career quite strongly. Notice the roles that made him famous. There was Alex on “Taxi”, a neurotic character who is obviously capable of much more but who works as a cab driver. Then, there was the title role on “Dear John.” The entire show was based on John’s experience in a therapy group. In the film “Ordinary People” (for which he got an Oscar nomination) he did a turn as a Capricorn type, playing a therapist. But even here, he kept telling his patient to express feelings.

Woody Allen managed to make a profession (Capricorn) of his South Node in Cancer. The character he plays is a highly emotional hypochondriac who won’t grow up and is constantly complaining. Woody turned this into a successful career! Capricorn can make a profitable business from almost anything. Woody’s Capricorn North Node is in his 5th house (creativity) which led him into the arts. Thank goodness. The 5th house also rules gambling and speculation, and that neurotic persona he created wouldn’t go over as well if he were a stockbroker.

Corbin Bernsen has his Capricorn North Node in the 10th house, like Judd Hirsch. His breakthrough role was as Arnie, a self-centered, womanizing attorney on “L.A. Law.” His character was always complaining and made constant demands on his secretary (who acted more like his mommy than an employee).

North Node in Aquarius: If you have this one, your job is to cut down on your own self expression and do something to help other people with theirs. That Leo South Node makes you want to act like the king or queen of the hill. What you really have to do is act like a wise and gentle monarch who spends all their time taking care of their subjects. Aquarius, like all Air signs, is concerned with relationships. In this case, it’s friendship. More than most people, you will find yourself in situations where you need a friend. A big necessity for you is to build friendships. Even more, you have to concentrate on being a friend.

Aquarius is also the sign of genius, showing the need to be original no matter how much controversy gets stirred up.

Clara Barton had the North Node in Aquarius. If the time of her birth is correct, the Node was also in her 12th house, which, among other things, rules hospitals. She treated wounded soldiers during the Civil War and later founded the Red Cross. When she lived, women were supposed to stay in the kitchen. Her North Node helped her break new ground in pursuit of a humanitarian cause (Aquarius). Of course, it didn’t hurt to have a pile of planets in her 10th house (career).

Louis Pasteur also had the North Node placed in Aquarius, sign of genius. He took on the entire French medical establishment and won. The real winners were the many people who didn’t die from rabies and the countless others who didn’t get typhoid fever from contaminated milk. Pasteur’s style, however, was pure Leo. He knew how to be on center stage and attract attention. But he did it in pursuit of an Aquarian goal.

North Node in Pisces: means that you have to develop your imagination, intuition, and sympathy. Your South Node is in Virgo, showing a tendency to put too much emphasis on little details, so much so that you get bogged down. Virgo is the sign of lists. Put some free time on your schedule. Do nothing a few times a week. Just hang out and let your imagination drift. It’s good for your health. If you insist on “keeping busy”, do some volunteer work at a hospital, nursing home, orphanage, even a prison. Some place connected with restriction (Pisces rules places of restriction). Don’t forget animal shelters. Or do something creative. Perhaps a workshop in art or dance. Study Yoga, Tai Chi, or take up meditation. And don’t be so insistent on details when it comes to sex.

Isadora Duncan had her Pisces North Node in her 12th house. Dance was her life. So was that powerful Uranus in her  5th house which made her both highly original and accident prone.

Elizabeth Taylor has her Pisces North Node in the 6th house (work). Working in the movies is perfect for her.

Fyodor Dostoevsky filed his novels with discussion of spiritual themes and problems. The main character of “Crime and Punishment” concludes that it would be ok to kill a nasty person and use the money for good works. What a perfect example of a negative South Node in Virgo! He winds up killing the old pawnbroker’s saintly sister as well, and later sees an innocent person arrested for his crime. After he confesses, he is sent to prison (Pisces) and begins a long process of rebirth (Dostoevsky was a Scorpio Sun-sign).

Buckminister Fuller was one of the most creative and imaginative thinkers of the 20th century. His Virgo South Node enabled him to be very detailed  in his projects and bring them into reality.

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